Random: Hilarious!

When I was in college last year, the school had a podcast called “The Tap”. “The Tap” used to be the school newspaper, but then they decided to take it to the ol’ Internet due to cost issues.

Even though it’s almost a year old, I still literally laugh out loud at parts of it.

Check it out for yourself!

The Tap Sexy Second Issue PT.1.

I am also sad because they stopped posting waaay back in February, and there hasn’t been another one since 😦


Random: A MUST READ!

I randomly came across this article posted on a friend’s FB page, and all I can say is A-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I love this in so many ways….because it is SO right. I’m not a religious person, so my views on homosexuality aren’t influenced by the teachings of the Bible (i.e. Leviticus 18:22).  Therefore, I completely and utterly agree with this article. It is in one word, brilliant.

You can read the article here.

Not much to report…

Not too much to report, but I feel the need to update again in order to keep my approximately 20 daily viewers entertained 😛 hahaha.

I don’t have much to share, but I’m looking forward to my baby shower on Sunday!! I’m so excited! 😀

We solved the crib dilemma, my old crib is a NO, but luckily a friend of mine just so happened to be needing a toddler bed for her son, so she is selling us her year-old crib for $80! 😮 Awesome!! Apparently there was a big recall just before Christmas last year, and all cribs with plastic joints were recalled….SO my friend was lucky enough to be looking for a crib right around when that was happening, and bought one with METAL joints! 😀 😀

So basically we’ve now got a super sweet almost-brand new crib for only $80!! But we need to buy the mattress. Supposedly my parents are going to buy that though 😀


We’re still on the look out for the car seat though. I’m hoping next week we can find one and buy two bases for it, and we’ll be good to go.

Well that’s about it! We finally got our maternity pictures back (EDITED), so here’s some of them!

Happy Friday! 🙂

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Well holy crap do I ever have a lot of views today!!

Obviously this is all from the Winter Babies mamas….thank you, it makes me feel good that people are reading ahahaha. 🙂

Some updates:

– Caleb and I FINALLY got all the baby stuff from my parents’ house.

– I had a doctor’s appointment today, and everything is cool…..more importantly…..I PEED IN THAT CUP LIKE A CHAMP! hahaha. I feel like I need a medal or something.


Currently I am trying to find out if the crib we have is recalled. My parents said that it was from 1988, but according to a teeny tiny, almost watered out label, it was made in September of 1980. So therefore it’s probably null and void for use. SIGH.

My mother annoys me so much sometimes though. I brought up the crib issue with her and she immediately shot down my reasoning and told me I was being ridiculous. I really don’t think that it is THAT far out there for me to be worried about what I let my child sleep in! Ugh.

She said that if we don’t use it, she will….but I don’t want her using it if we don’t! Since the whole point is that I don’t want to endanger my child! And then of course she pulls out the “If you were in some third world country, you’d be HAPPY for a crib at all!”. Yes, but there’s a REASON I don’t live in a third world country, and there’s a REASON that those safety standards are in place at all!

Again, I really don’t think I’m being unreasonable here.


So I’ve been searching on Kijiji and there’s a convertible crib and change table for $300….. DECE. Once Caleb comes home I’ll get him to look at it.

I also found a Quinny stroller/car seat combo for $100!!!! I only need the car seat though, but really, you can’t beat that for $100. I emailed and asked if they’ll sell it for $50 if I pick it up (since they’re 1.5 hours away)….we’ll see what they say!


Anyway, that’s about it. I’m just waiting for some sign of labor (even if they’re Braxton-Hicks) because I am so. bored.

I just wish something exciting would happen already!



I found this website (link at the bottom) via YouTube (The Young Turks, for what it’s worth), and it makes me just…..livid.

A couple from Minneapolis have put up a poll on the ol’ Internet on whether they should abort their baby boy or not.

Obviously, I am intrigued. Kind of like a terrible car accident that you can’t look away from.

So I check it out. The worst part is that this couple have had TWO planned pregnancies that had unfortunately ended in miscarriages. Therefore, they MUST have wanted children at one point. Another terrible thing….they post ULTRASOUND pictures of their little one.

It breaks my heart and makes me spitting angry at the same time.

I am pro-choice, but it is THE COUPLE’S personal choice, not random Internet strangers.

Believe me, I thought about abortion a looooong time ago, back in April when I found out that I was pregnant. But I also thought about adoption. And do you know what? Neither of those options were for me, and that’s brought me to today, 37 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby boy that I can’t wait to meet. My circumstances could certainly be better, but really, I’m not 16 years old, I’m not a crack head or an alcoholic, I don’t have an abusive partner, I came from a loving home…….all of these factors (and more, obviously) helped cement my decision that although I may be young (and unmarried, to the chagrin of my mother), I am perfectly capable of raising a child in a responsible manner.

Any choices related to a child and/or childbirth are such immensely gigantic choices that it pains me to think that this couple is leaving such a HUGE and EMOTIONAL decision up to anyone but themselves.

Then again, I should note that many news outlets, and even the Young Turks story that I found out about this from, are calling shenanigans on if this is legit or not.

But really, which is worse? Actually being legitimate or LYING (or “pulling a prank”) in order to get all this massive angry feedback  and attention the world over. Really, who DOES that?! Why on Earth would you want all of those people to believe that you’d leave such a monumental decision up to an INTERNET POLL?!

I’m just so angry about this, whether it’s true or not. But feel free to check out the website and make your own assumptions.


Welcome to full term :)

So today I am officially 37 weeks…..full term!

In honor of that, I woke up with (or woke up because of) this massive piercing pain on the entire underside of my belly. It felt as if someone was slicing me open.


I breathed my way through it, and it seems like everything’s ok. Considering that it’s the most exciting baby-related thing that’s happened to me in over a month, I was worried, but he’s still moving around like he doesn’t have a care in the world in there. Which really, he probably doesn’t, lol.

How nice would it be to just chill in a nice warm bath and be rocked and fed and watered without having to do anything?

A girl can dream.

Yesterday I did a massive clean of the house (nesting?!). If you need to know anything about me, it’s that I HATE cleaning. I like having a clean house (who doesn’t?), but it’s the transition period that makes me hate life, lol.

Anyway, so besides our bedroom needing some organization (and room to put said organization), the house is clean. 😀

Today Caleb and I are going out to my parents’ house to get allllll the baby stuff that’s in storage. Yay!! And then we can finally start setting up the baby’s room! However, there’s a desk in there that Caleb still isn’t really sure what he wants to do with….and it’s basically sitting right where I want the crib to go. Sooo hopefully he will deal with it today. I don’t want to hurt myself trying to pull it out if I’m setting up the room while Caleb’s at work, lol.

I also got my maternity pictures back! I don’t think I mentioned it, but Caleb and I had pictures done on Friday, and the photographer sent them back to us, so now I have to pick out the 20 I want edited.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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So that’s about it.

Happy Sunday 🙂

Random: “Vulva” perfume?!

Ok, I can’t actually post this video directly because they don’t have a “Share” option…..but seriously, this is the weirdest and fucking creepiest thing I may have EVER seen.

It’s a perfume. Oh, wait sorry, “it is the feminine, erotic, intimate scent for your own smelling pleasure”.


Anyway, it is a perfume. For men. That smells like a vagina.


Rant Corner: Annoying FB friends

I’m not sure why, but I am just generally annoyed with everyone today.

I was having a decent enough day. Caleb and I got our maternity pictures done today 🙂 and then my old coworker gave me a pair of baby shoes for a gift, which was very nice of her. We stopped off for groceries on the way home…..so I was good until after we got home.

I think it started from one of my FB friends posting “Only 8 days until I leave Facebook!”. This rubbed me the WRONG way. This is one of my MANY pet peeves. It just drives me up the freakin’ wall when people announce things like that. Same as those who post, “Going to do a mass friend delete”, and then afterwards post things like, “Congratulations, you made the cut!”.

FB is totally a narcissistic person’s paradise, but for God’s sake, what do you expect people to say to that?

“PLEASE, please, PLEASE don’t leave Facebook!!!!”


“PLEASE don’t delete me!!”


“Oh, thank you so much for counting me as a friend!”


It’s like they expect us to drop to our knees and pray to keep them as a FB friend.

So, in regards to my FB friend that posted that…..I beat her to the punch and deleted her. Because, NEWS FLASH. No one gives a shit if you’re leaving Facebook or not. In fact, they probably won’t even notice that you’re gone!

So in celebration of that fact, I purged over 100 people off my friend’s list. Over 100 annoying, obnoxious, generally irritating people.

During this purging process, one of my FB friends popped up on my chat and asked me the most asinine question EVER. First he started off with:

“Hi Olivia, sorry to bother you again, but I have a question to ask you”

I’m already annoyed, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Ok, shoot”

The stupid ‘typing’ indicator pops up a few times, and it takes him like 5 minutes to ask this oh so important question. Getting steadily more annoyed…

“How would you describe me in high school?”


Ok, for perspective on this question, I’ve been out of high school for two years now. This guy is a year older than me. The only time we EVER interacted was in our ONE music class we had together. Therefore, we were never what one would consider “friends”.

This question is fucking stupid.

I gave him the truth,

“I thought you were a very nice guy [this is especially true compared to his twin brother….the biggest asshole I may have ever met], but you were very shy and awkward”

Then he goes on to write this big paragraph about how he found religion (?) and how it made him think about things that “weren’t religion” (?), and BLAH BLAH BLAH. It was completely nonsensical, BTW.

I was going to do the ol’ “I gtg” (when in reality I don’t, of course), but I just said fuck what he thinks about me, and I deleted him. I HATE people like that…..so meek and just….UGH.

Anyway, so after my purge I feel A LOT better.

Although I’m still feeling bitchy. Have you ever had that? Where you can actually FEEL your anger? Like it’s an actual presence inside you?

Weird, yes, but this is what pregnancy hormones do to me.