“The Pregnancy Wall”

It seems like lately (i.e. the last two weeks or so), I’ve been hitting “the pregnancy wall”. I’m literally EXHAUSTED, and if I try and walk around too much, my hips/pelvis SCREAM at me to sit the hell down.

Ugh, I’ve had such a good pregnancy….I suppose this is nature’s way of not letting me have TOO easy of a time.

It’s only 9:30, but I am so. tired. Gahhh…

I’m also just tired of everything. I’m tired of my hormones, I’m tired of having a continually messy house, and I’m tired of not having any energy to clean it. We have sooo much to do before baby comes, but it’s like WILL IT EVER GET DONE?! Good God, we have FOUR weeks left until my due date. FOUR. That’s not even a month!!



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