Doctor, Doctor, give me the news…

So I had my 36 week doctor’s appointment today.

First of all, I could NOT pee no matter how hard I tried. This was at around 2 pm, and it’s 6 now……STILL haven’t peed. I’m such a failure as a pregnant lady!

I was supposed to come in again before 5 and give them a sample, but since a) I was famished and just wanted to get groceries and go home and eat, and b) like I said, there was STILL no chance on the pee front, I decided instead just to go with Plan A and go back tomorrow.

So I finally actually got in to the doctor (my appointment was at 1:50 and by this point it was about 2:30), and I asked her for the guesstimate on how big Baby may be. She tells me 3322 g, and then got a page, so while she was answering that, I Googled what that was in lbs……SEVEN POINT THREE POUNDS. 😮

My poor vagina!!!!!

That was from 10 days ago already……so at 34.5 weeks he’s already in the 95th percentile in weight!!!

I want to do a natural, vaginal birth….but I’m not sure how I’m going to handle a potentially 10 lb baby with no pain killers!!

Baby-wise, everything else is good. His ventricular veins are stable (THANK GOD), his cord blood levels and amniotic fluid levels are good, etc. My BP is regular, sugars are normal…..

So yay for that!

Oh, and I’ve gained 40 lbs (sigh). But she said that since I started off slim (or was it “slender”?) it’s not that huge of a deal. (Not going to lie, I was totally flattered at being called “slim” haha). And really, if you break it down…if he does turn out to be a 10 lb-er, it breaks down like this:

  • 10 lbs – baby
  • 2 lbs – placenta
  • 5 lbs – amniotic fluid
  • 11 lbs – extra weight of uterus, breasts and energy stores of fat
  • 9 lbs – extra weight of blood

SO, there’s about 37 pounds, right there!

It’d be sweet if that was actually how it turned out, haha….because basically that means that I’ve only gained like 3 lbs of non-baby related weight lol.

Yay!! 🙂


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