Facebook Friend Mystery

I hate it when someone pops up on my News Feed, and I’m like, “Who the hell are you!?”. Then of course I hope onto their profile and look at their picture in hopes of jogging my memory.


Hmm……then I get more specific. Does he have mutual friends with me? Yes. Do they have a common theme? Yes, all our mutuals went to college with me. So then I go and look at his photos again, keeping “college” in mind.

Still nothing.

Ok, getting desperate now. I check out the handy new “view friendship” feature. We’ve been friends since February (doesn’t help anything), we had wall posts (?!), we have mutuals (which I already found out).

Ok…..that didn’t help. He has a sibling. Click on her name….”Oooooh!”. But she’s familiar, not him.

So of course I do the last thing on the list, since I still have NO CLUE who the guy is…..the message asking how I know them. And also supplying the “party or bar?” out.

This one time I totally lied to this one guy about how I knew him……I had originally added him because he looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him. Then he asked me and I improvised and said that I was “pretty sure” that it was at a bar. Golden!

So I’m offering this guy that out, in case he’s just a creeper…..we shall see…


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