Welcome to full term :)

So today I am officially 37 weeks…..full term!

In honor of that, I woke up with (or woke up because of) this massive piercing pain on the entire underside of my belly. It felt as if someone was slicing me open.


I breathed my way through it, and it seems like everything’s ok. Considering that it’s the most exciting baby-related thing that’s happened to me in over a month, I was worried, but he’s still moving around like he doesn’t have a care in the world in there. Which really, he probably doesn’t, lol.

How nice would it be to just chill in a nice warm bath and be rocked and fed and watered without having to do anything?

A girl can dream.

Yesterday I did a massive clean of the house (nesting?!). If you need to know anything about me, it’s that I HATE cleaning. I like having a clean house (who doesn’t?), but it’s the transition period that makes me hate life, lol.

Anyway, so besides our bedroom needing some organization (and room to put said organization), the house is clean. 😀

Today Caleb and I are going out to my parents’ house to get allllll the baby stuff that’s in storage. Yay!! And then we can finally start setting up the baby’s room! However, there’s a desk in there that Caleb still isn’t really sure what he wants to do with….and it’s basically sitting right where I want the crib to go. Sooo hopefully he will deal with it today. I don’t want to hurt myself trying to pull it out if I’m setting up the room while Caleb’s at work, lol.

I also got my maternity pictures back! I don’t think I mentioned it, but Caleb and I had pictures done on Friday, and the photographer sent them back to us, so now I have to pick out the 20 I want edited.

Here’s a sneak peek:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So that’s about it.

Happy Sunday 🙂


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