I found this website (link at the bottom) via YouTube (The Young Turks, for what it’s worth), and it makes me just…..livid.

A couple from Minneapolis have put up a poll on the ol’ Internet on whether they should abort their baby boy or not.

Obviously, I am intrigued. Kind of like a terrible car accident that you can’t look away from.

So I check it out. The worst part is that this couple have had TWO planned pregnancies that had unfortunately ended in miscarriages. Therefore, they MUST have wanted children at one point. Another terrible thing….they post ULTRASOUND pictures of their little one.

It breaks my heart and makes me spitting angry at the same time.

I am pro-choice, but it is THE COUPLE’S personal choice, not random Internet strangers.

Believe me, I thought about abortion a looooong time ago, back in April when I found out that I was pregnant. But I also thought about adoption. And do you know what? Neither of those options were for me, and that’s brought me to today, 37 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby boy that I can’t wait to meet. My circumstances could certainly be better, but really, I’m not 16 years old, I’m not a crack head or an alcoholic, I don’t have an abusive partner, I came from a loving home…….all of these factors (and more, obviously) helped cement my decision that although I may be young (and unmarried, to the chagrin of my mother), I am perfectly capable of raising a child in a responsible manner.

Any choices related to a child and/or childbirth are such immensely gigantic choices that it pains me to think that this couple is leaving such a HUGE and EMOTIONAL decision up to anyone but themselves.

Then again, I should note that many news outlets, and even the Young Turks story that I found out about this from, are calling shenanigans on if this is legit or not.

But really, which is worse? Actually being legitimate or LYING (or “pulling a prank”) in order to get all this massive angry feedback  and attention the world over. Really, who DOES that?! Why on Earth would you want all of those people to believe that you’d leave such a monumental decision up to an INTERNET POLL?!

I’m just so angry about this, whether it’s true or not. But feel free to check out the website and make your own assumptions.



One thought on “Random: SICKENING.

  1. whooooooooooa. i clicked over and their last post was may 2 saying she was in labour. i dont think i can even read through any of it cause that is just too… whoa.

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