Well holy crap do I ever have a lot of views today!!

Obviously this is all from the Winter Babies mamas….thank you, it makes me feel good that people are reading ahahaha. 🙂

Some updates:

– Caleb and I FINALLY got all the baby stuff from my parents’ house.

– I had a doctor’s appointment today, and everything is cool…..more importantly…..I PEED IN THAT CUP LIKE A CHAMP! hahaha. I feel like I need a medal or something.


Currently I am trying to find out if the crib we have is recalled. My parents said that it was from 1988, but according to a teeny tiny, almost watered out label, it was made in September of 1980. So therefore it’s probably null and void for use. SIGH.

My mother annoys me so much sometimes though. I brought up the crib issue with her and she immediately shot down my reasoning and told me I was being ridiculous. I really don’t think that it is THAT far out there for me to be worried about what I let my child sleep in! Ugh.

She said that if we don’t use it, she will….but I don’t want her using it if we don’t! Since the whole point is that I don’t want to endanger my child! And then of course she pulls out the “If you were in some third world country, you’d be HAPPY for a crib at all!”. Yes, but there’s a REASON I don’t live in a third world country, and there’s a REASON that those safety standards are in place at all!

Again, I really don’t think I’m being unreasonable here.


So I’ve been searching on Kijiji and there’s a convertible crib and change table for $300….. DECE. Once Caleb comes home I’ll get him to look at it.

I also found a Quinny stroller/car seat combo for $100!!!! I only need the car seat though, but really, you can’t beat that for $100. I emailed and asked if they’ll sell it for $50 if I pick it up (since they’re 1.5 hours away)….we’ll see what they say!


Anyway, that’s about it. I’m just waiting for some sign of labor (even if they’re Braxton-Hicks) because I am so. bored.

I just wish something exciting would happen already!



One thought on “Updates

  1. Ask the people selling the car seat for its manufacture date, so you can check how long you have before it expires. You can look up different brands online and see their expiration dates. Most are good from 5-8 years but they set the expiries due to changing regulations and the potential for plastics to break down over time.

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