Come on, baby!

Today is officially “THE” day. The day that Caleb and I have been looking forward to since the first doctor’s visit back in April. It’s……THE DUE DATE.

But no baby yet.

I really should blame myself….my Fertile Myrtle-ness has obviously given him a delightfully comfortable womb to live in for the last 40 weeks.

Well guess what, Baby…’s EVICTION DAY!

Hurry up and meet us, we can’t wait any longer! 🙂

Are you going to have Daddy’s nose? The “Herzog” feet? Mommy’s eyes? We want to know! The anticipation is killing us!

Well, we do know that you will be here within the next 10 days FOR SURE. Mommy would certainly appreciate not having to be induced, so if you could make that a reality, that would be amazing.

Your Daddy and Grandma both think you’re coming on the 17th. Mommy could live with that.

SO get on it, Baby!

See you on the other side!

Love, Mom ♡


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