Yeah, he’s a sweetheart :)

So I creeped and found Caleb’s LiveJournal….this is an entry from January 24th titled: “girl crazy?”. It made me smile 🙂

so i spent friday night partying with college girls w00t XD
I like one of them, her name is Olivia, which is only slightly weird because my sister’s name is olivia. but she’s like only 19 well 19 0n February 11. she’s a lot of fun, but i’m not sure i could see us going out, oddly enough 9 years feels like a lot. I’m 28 now, holy jeez it seems old compared to 19. I figure me and Olivia could be good friends though, she sat beside me and held my hand around her shoulder well me, her, and shelby drove around. I don’t wanna read anything into it because, she was drunk and I don’t wanna have my hopes completely dashed. But it felt like a girl anime we’re the two main characters have a thing for each other but they never really do anything. I was too happy to sleep last night lol I did get some sleep around 5am – 12:30pm though.
Is it weird that the thing I like most about her is being excited to see her? I’m such a goofball.
I’ll shut up now and go clean the house.



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