Wanted: Baby!

So I am officially 4 days overdue…..STILL no baby!

Sigh….and of course my extended hospital visit on Tuesday has me super paranoid….I had a dream last night that he was stillborn :/ Scary!

My mother thinks that tomorrow is the day…..I certainly hope so! We finally have the crib mattress and now everything is washed, the baby clothes are all finally put away, the crib and the bassinet both have bedding in them….now they just need a baby! And all our hospital bags are finally packed, our room is clean so we actually have room to put the bassinet in there, lol.

Caleb: “I like that we have the house clean AFTER the due date, ahahaha”

Me: “Well, better late than never!”

And ain’t that the truth. No one’s ever been pregnant forever…..or so I have to keep telling myself, haha.

*Thinking baby thoughts*

………WeeeeeWoooooWeeeeeWooooo………(because baby thoughts apparently sound like an ambulance 😛 )


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