We’re Getting Famous! Part 2…

I wasn’t kidding about getting famous.

As of right now, I have gotten approximately 130 emails and 14 FB messages about Noah and our search for donor milk. We have had an interview with the local paper, CBC Radio, Global News, and now CTV wants to talk to us as well.

All this support is absolutely INSANE. I still can’t believe the sheer volume of emails I’ve gotten since the Global spot aired….over 80! My inbox is clogged…..I think I need a secretary to answer them all! Hahaha.

As a side note, instead of the standard “Breast milk donation” subject line, one woman wrote: “boob juice to share”… LOL!!

I cannot express how much I appreciate all of the support that we are getting. It is absolutely phenomenal the level of generosity that these women and fellow moms are willing to extend to me, a literal stranger.

Maybe there is hope in the world after all! 🙂


6 thoughts on “We’re Getting Famous! Part 2…

  1. Woot woot!
    I look forward to the CTV interview!!
    I think it is just wonderful that you guys are sharing your story. I think you should probably buy a deep freeze if you intend on sharing any freezer space with all the milk your gonna have! lol
    I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without ice cream! (Although my giant BUTT would think otherwise!! lmao)

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