Rant Corner: Bitch!

I refuse to give this person the satisfaction of more hits, so instead I am going to just copy and paste this:

“January 4, 2011

Never Say Never

It has been so long since I’ve posted anything and I really need to do ALOT of catching up! However, before I start posting about my current life and everything that has gone on in the past two months, I just need to get something off my chest.

When I first got pregnant with Kaycie, I joined an online group of mothers all expecting around the same date. It was fun to read about everyone else’s journey and know that many of them faced the same issues and questions. However, after losing Kaycie I realized that I no longer belonged there. During my pregnancy with Prairie, I definitely did not belong there. I mean really…I just couldn’t care about types of strollers or whether to formula feed or breast feed. I had much more important concerns. At first, I didn’t even go near that particular website. However, as I got more and more positive news about Prairie I started to check in on it. I rarely posted but I read along.

The one day I did post it was after a group of women were discussing prenatal testing and whether or not to do it. There was, of course, the uber-pious types who self-righteously proclaimed “I would NEVER have an abortion, so why test?” Needless to say, this irked me beyond belief. I posted my story and basically told them all to kiss my ass. Not nice, I know. But they ticked me off! Most of them fell all over themselves saying: “well, of course, that is a different story.” etc etc.

Anyway, I recently went back and read up on the ladies birth stories to see how everyone else was doing. What I read broke my heart. One woman (who declined testing) found out at birth that her baby had serious heart problems and had to be air lifted to the nearest children’s hospital. Luckily, her baby will be ok after receiving heart surgery. “Lucky” being a relative term.

///This next bit is about me – Olivia///

Another woman wasn’t so “lucky.” Her son was born right on schedule and was over 8lbs. However, after a few hours, they noticed he was having seizures and problems breathing. They started running tests and what they found was devastating. This baby is completely “brain dead” in her words. He will never have any quality of life. In a hospital 6 hours away from where they live, they had to make the decision to remove him from life support and “let nature take its course.” While I’m devastated for her, she could have found this out months ago had she chosen to have some type of prenatal testing done.

My point? Even if you would “NEVER” have an abortion, prenatal testing is important. If, for no other reason than you can be prepared. Have the doctors and hospital in place that can deal with your particular situation. Knowledge is power and while ignorance is bliss, burying your head in the sand will serve no purpose. I can only imagine how devastated the mother of the “brain dead” baby is to have to go home to see a nursery already prepared for the arrival of a new baby. So sad.”

UM. No, actually, we couldn’t have anticipated this if I had done prenatal testing. Because Noah’s issues were caused by a lack of oxygen at birth, not any genetic issues.

She makes me SO mad. Get off your freakin’ high horse.

My favorite part is that she writes it as if this is my fault. I can honestly say that Noah’s doctor at the Stollery told me that there was literally NOTHING I could have done differently, so I’m pissed off that this woman thinks I had something to do with it.

What an effing bitch.


* Oh, and I’m ignoring the general rule of thumb to put a link to someone’s blog if you quote it. She can bite me.


5 thoughts on “Rant Corner: Bitch!

  1. I don’t normally say ‘fuck’ on the internet, but, WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK?!?!
    Is this woman absolutely retarded?? (Again, another word I don’t like to use).
    My friend had a baby that was born with the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times. She had an ultrasound THE DAY BEFORE, and there was NO indication that this was happening. The baby passed away. Another friend had a placental abrubption. Again, had all the testing done, AND an ultrasound days before it happened. I want this girl’s info, cause I wanna shake her!! :z

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