NOW PLAYING: “Adventures in Breastfeeding” (Part 1)

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Olivia – of small boobs and the big dream to eventually breastfeed her son.

Noah – the baby born into unfortunate circumstances, just trying to catch up to where his mother wants him to be.

Supporting Roles:

Domperidone – a medication renowned for its milk-producing abilities.

A hospital grade pump – of whose strength knows no boundaries.

A lactation consultant, Barb – of whose supreme knowledge and specialization with babies that have issues is met by a sizable obstacle….that she only works Mondays and Tuesdays.






Read Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here.


11 thoughts on “NOW PLAYING: “Adventures in Breastfeeding” (Part 1)

  1. I. Hate. Those plastic cones. Hate hate hated everything about trying to pump.

    I’ve heard everything you’re already doing, plus a ton of water, excellent sleep, and zero stress. Simple.

    Seriously. Good luck. You can do this.

  2. BTW, hospital pumps SUCK, and not in the good way. I find they have absolutely NO let down stimulation. I think the term ‘hospital grade’ refers to the fact that it will last longer than a home pump. I have the Avent IQ electric. It has a nice soft pad around the cone that cushions your boob. So far the best one I have ever used! If you would like to borrow it, you are more than welcome to try it.
    Either way, I am wishing you the BEST of luck!!! Look forward to your updates.

  3. This is the makings of one successful film!! I give it two thumbs up, anyhow 🙂 Good luck with it all. I am sure you have received advice out the yingyang already, so take this or leave it: What helped for me was to put Mikail on the boob for a bit to help with the ‘let down’ and then after 5-10 minutes of successful or not successful breastfeeding (I was never quite sure), I would switch to the pump while Daddy or whoever was around to help, fed him via the bottle. Eventually it worked so I didn’t have to give him the bottle anymore.

  4. This is such a great post. GO OLIVIA!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

    I mean seriously, how many people are there in Canada that are picturing milk gushing out of your boobs?! Well, maybe not picturing it (although I guess some people might be) but hoping it happens!

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