Adventures in Breastfeeding! (Part 3)

Well the last few days have gone reasonably well. I had written in my last entry that I had bought a supplement kit and a nipple shield; sooo let’s plaaay: WHICH ONE WORKS BETTER?

a) Supplement kit – $45, huge pain in the ass to set up (have to put formula in the canister, adjust canister for length, get tube on boob in a reasonable fashion, fill tube with formula before inserting into mouth, get Noah on boob, get Noah to latch/suck for an extended amount of time (versus just giving up 30 secounds in — him, not me)).

b) Nipple shield – $9, fairly easy to do (place shield on boob properly, get Noah on boob, get Noah to latch/suck).

Want to wager a guess?











For those of you that picked (b), you’re correct!

I just find that funny…..of course the cheaper thing works waaay better lol.

So Noah’s been fairly good about using the nipple shield. In the booklet that comes with it, it says that for latching issues, you’re supposed to take baby and shield off every 2 minutes and then try to get the baby to latch onto the naked boob. Since Noah is literally JUST starting to get the hang of things, I’m going to wait until he’s a bit more confident with it before I try being tricky (lol).

With how well things are going, it’s a bit more encouraging and a lot less disappointing! I don’t feel the need to rush him since now that things are looking up, I can finally see “exclusive breastfeeding” as an actual possibility rather than just a dream I cooked up while pregnant.

Oh, and my milk supply is getting up there! 🙂 Now that he’s actually on the boob, it’s kind of cool to see how my boobs react to that…..they get noticeably fuller every 3 – 4 hours, and they TELL ME when it’s time to feed, lol, versus before they just gave me a gentle reminder. I used to be able to go 8 hours without pumping and not be in any great discomfort, but now…..not so much. And I like that! Because it proves that my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing! 🙂

So right now the routine is boob, bottle, diaper, swaddle, pump. It kind of sucks because it makes things take even LONGER, but like I said already, with how well things are going, there is finally some encouragement to keep at it! 🙂

Really though….who knew breastfeeding was SO difficult?! Lol!


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7 thoughts on “Adventures in Breastfeeding! (Part 3)

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    Way to go mama! A tip with the breast shields, if you are having problems with slippage, or milk getting trapped between boob and shield, try putting some nipple ointment (Like Lansinoh) on the whole nipple/areola area that touches the shield. It will help it stick and make a better seal!

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