Friday Night Leftovers (Week 2)

This week’s edition is going to be pretty short….it’s my 20th birthday today! 🙂

This week:

Noah was originally quite a bit further away from Caleb, facing me (I'm sitting next to the bed, on the left). He wiggled himself over to get closer to his daddy! AWE! (Feb 6)

– Noah gave his first smile! (February 7)

First smile! (Feb 7)

This sneaky smile is for Mommy on her birthday! 🙂 (Feb 11)

– Caleb’s FB status from February 7 was so cute, I just had to post it here:

“The Noah-monster takes forever to devour it’s prey; the bottle is a docile creature living in fridges and cupboards, and once the Noah-monster gets one in his mouth he’ll often suck on it then stop to burp then suck on it more. It’s a hard life for bottle, but the circle of life isn’t always fair. Noah is king of this jungle and he’s not afraid to show the bottle who’s boss.” 😀

– Lady Gaga released her new song, “Born This Way” this morning! You can download it here!

– Noah went to stay at my parents’ house for the weekend since it is my 20TH BIRTHDAY today….I am SO looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!! 🙂

Grandma taking Noah for the weekend! (Feb 11)

– Noah got his X-rays done (finally), and they say that he has mild hip displacia. However, the doctor said that that’s easily fixable! 🙂


Want to do your own Friday Night Leftovers? Check out the host here!


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