Adventures in Breastfeeding! (Part 4)

When I last wrote almost 2 weeks ago, I had said that the nipple shield was going well.

Welllll…..that’s kind of here nor there. It’s been really inconsistent with how reliable Noah is about using it. The last week has been fairly good, but the last couple of days prior to the weekend were terrible. He was just beyond fussy and would not cooperate at all.

He got shipped off to his Grandma’s for the weekend, so when we brought him home tonight I had low expectations.

Well the sneaky little bugger surprised me (of course). He took the nipple shield fairly well, and then a little while later he started fussing again. Caleb was holding him, I was putting the kettle on for his bottle, and Noah just wouldn’t take his soother. So Caleb randomly decided to see if Noah would go on my naked boob, and HE DID. 😮 As soon as he latched we just looked at each other in shock, lol. I couldn’t believe it! That was on the left one, which he is usually good with (babies are weird….they have preferences as to which side they like more haha), so for shits and giggles I decided to try the right one…AND HE TOOK THAT ONE TOO! More shock!

It was likely just a fluke, but it’s a nice indicator that he will probably be able to exclusively breastfeed the way it’s supposed to be, without any fancy tools (i.e. the nipple shield). 🙂

We’ll see how he is tomorrow….but I bet that he’s going to be stubborn and not take it at all, haha. Tease! 😛


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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Breastfeeding! (Part 4)

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