Friday Night Leftovers (Week 3)

– Noah is 8 weeks old!

– He is 11lbs 7oz, up from 10lbs 14oz last week….that’s almost a whole pound! 😮

– He is 22″ long and his head is 42 cm, up from 20.5″ and 40 cm at birth!

– I think he hates “The Duck Song”…..

This is his facial expression.

– We are going to Edmonton for an MRI on Tuesday. I am already annoyed by the whole ordeal because 1) they don’t do MRIs on the weekend, and 2) they don’t tell you what time the MRI is at until the day before. How inconvenient is that?! Especially since we live 6 hours away, and we have to fast him….it’d be great to know what time we have to bring him in ahead of time!

– I found out that I am NOT the oldest one in my teen mom group!

– I have been diagnosed with postpartum depression. I have an appointment with my doctor next week, and at that point I may be given drugs. We’ll see.

– I went out with my friend Kristen tonight…..we had a few drinks, had some appies… was great to have some much-needed girl time.

– Since I have yet to post a picture, here are a couple shots from my 20th birthday last Friday:

First shots of the night!

More shots!

Caleb and I playing beer pong!

At the bar.....I am obviously shitfaced.

It was a good night……no death threats, so a noticeable improvement over last year!

– Last Saturday I took advantage of the fact that my mom had the baby all weekend, and I went out again (no drinking this time though, lol).

Out with the girls ❤

That was also a good night, except for how packed the bar was. I’m no stranger to the bar scene, but I hate feeling like a sardine!


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5 thoughts on “Friday Night Leftovers (Week 3)

  1. I get smiles for the duck song, too. Though I also get smiles for The Beatles, Van Morrison, Bran Van, Deadmau5, Katy Perry.. she LOVES music.

    I’ll be thinking of all three of you on Tuesday. Keep us posted please. And welcome to your 20s. It sounds cliche but life really does just get better with age. 🙂

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