“Grass is Greener” Syndrome

We’ve all heard the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

People always want what they don’t and can’t have. Tall people want to be short, brown eyed people want to have blue eyes, brunettes want to be blonde…..and usually when they go ahead and change something (for example, hair colour), they immediately hate it and wish they had never done it in the first place.

It has become apparent to me that I am suffering a bit from “grass is greener” syndrome, as I like to call it. It became that much more clear to me tonight.

I went out for my friend’s birthday, and I happened to know a few of the guys that went out with us, all from my younger, wilder days last year. One of them even remembered partying in my dorm, and I had no idea who he was!

It made me think back to how much I liked being single and having no responsibilities; going out all the time, always meeting new people, etc…..it makes me miss it. But then I think back to how lonely and miserable I was, and how much I wanted to find a guy that actually cared about me for more than what I could give him.

There was also a guy that I had a huge crush on since day one of meeting him. I’m not going to lie, it’s still there, although I’d never act on it. And as much as I liked him back in the day, I remember that he said that I was “too young for him” and then turned around and dated my friend who was the same age as me….so he was obviously not really interested.

So as much as I miss all that, I love what I have right now. I love Caleb and Noah and our little family, and I know that all I’ve been through has made me a way better person, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Grass is Greener” Syndrome

  1. I think we all have our ‘grass is greener’ moments and it’s so great to be able to acknowledge them and then do as you have done: be grateful for where your journey has brought you and be happy in the ‘now moments’.

    Been thinking about you this week as you were back at the Stollery for Noah’s MRI. We still haven’t heard as to whether Mikail has to have another one done at his 12 month appointment. Hope yours went well.

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