More Stollery Adventures!

On Tuesday (February 22) we had an appointment for an MRI at 7 am, so on Monday we made the trek down to Edmonton. We stayed at friend of mine’s whose daughter is in Noah’s birth club, and then on Tuesday at 5:45 am we were on our way.

(I will say one thing, traveling with a newborn is NOT fun. It usually takes about 2.5 hours from Grande Prairie to Whitecourt, and on Monday we left town at 2:30 and it was 6:30 and we weren’t even in Whitecourt yet!)

Anyway, so we managed to get to the MRI department at the Stollery 20 minutes early (GO US!). They finally took him in at about 8 am, and then at around 9 a nurse came out and told us that they had found “some red flags” on his MRI so they were going to keep him overnight for observation.

So of course I had immediate “WTF is going on” thoughts, but we weren’t going to get any answers for awhile, so in the meantime I tried to breastfeed him (FAIL), but then we got taken up to the Pediatric Observation Ward, where I tried to breastfeed him again but he just would NOT cooperate. He did enough to relieve my poor engorged boobs, but not enough to actually drain them.

So then we waited. We got to the room at around 10 am, and the nurse (who was a complete dumbass by the way…..she thought Noah was 12 months old…..seriously?!) told us that the doctor and neurosurgeon would come by to see us “this afternoon” (so, basically she had no idea when they’d be coming).

So 4:30 rolled around and FINALLY the neurosurgeon came and talked to us (side note: the University hospital has TONS of studly doctors, lol) and told us the bad (?) news. Noah has fluid and blood hanging around his brain that wasn’t there for the last MRI. Basically it means that his brain is smaller than his skull capacity, so there’s extra room for fluid to hang out. He said that it’s not serious enough to operate (yet), but we have to keep an eye on how his head grows. Supposedly it’s something like 3 cm in the first 3 months and then 1 cm/2 months? He’s at 42.5 cm from 40 cm at birth, and he’s 2 months old. So he’s basically growing like he’s supposed to.

As a funny side note, I mentioned that he was 40 cm at birth, and the doctor was like 😮 “That’s big!” and I said, “thank you, I was aware of that,” LOL.

So then we had to wait for the pediatrician to come by so we could (hopefully) leave and not actually have to stay overnight.

Tick tock, tick tock….

FINALLY at 7:30 the doctor came in (because they conveniently only come by after their office hours are over) and basically told us to make an appointment with his office for the end of May, and discharged us. Wham bam, thank you ma’am.

We were kind of annoyed that it took literally all day for them to come talk to us, only to tell us what we already knew: that they had no answers, “wait and see”, blah blah blah; and then tell us to go home.

So then we finally were able to leave! But before we could start on the long trek home, we had to return the car seat that we had borrowed to bring Noah home back in December.

Caleb’s sister had printed off Google map directions for us which turned out to be absolutely useless….it brought us to 41st street and 41st avenue, when we needed to be on 76th street and 41st avenue. Way to go, Google. We ended up Mapquesting the directions from my phone, which also kind of failed, but they at least brought us to the right area. So then we used our mad directional skillz and finally found the house.

By that point it was already 11 pm, so we decided to stay at a hotel for the night and then go home in the morning.

The hotel was decent, it was actually the first time Caleb and I have spent the night in a hotel together….and I was all paranoid that we were going to get a noise complaint because of Noah, lol.

But everything turned out fine, the trip home was uneventful, and we arrived home safe and sound in a reasonable amount of time! 🙂

Here are some pictures from the trip!:

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4 thoughts on “More Stollery Adventures!

  1. Aw, what a frustrating day. I know what I go through on a daily basis but I can’t imagine how scary all of this must be for you and Caleb, and how frustrating it is to be at the mercy of the doctors. Like I said about the NICU nurses, don’t let the doctors bully you, either. You’re Noah’s only advocate and if you’re not satisfied with the answers you’re getting (or not getting) don’t be afraid to ask them to look again. Or ask someone else to look again.

    We’re all here for you. Noah’s got an army, too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update. So sorry it was a gong show at the Stollery. Ick. I hate that for you. Glad you didn’t have to stay there over night. That is always my fear when we got back because the first time we had to ‘wait’ for the neurological team after the MRI it took them THREE DAYS to come see us…guess their weekend was more important than ours…ha. Three days of hanging out in the NICU waiting and waiting and waiting. LOVE the pictures that you posted. Whitecourt is also always a HUGE ‘yay we got here’ landmark for us. Many a time of breastfeeding/bottle feeding in the semi parking section of Tim Hortons. ha

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