Friday Night Leftovers (Week 4 – kind of)

Ok, so I’m been a total stranger to FNL the past few weeks… seems like Fridays kind of sneak up on me….I start off the day thinking, “Oh, it’s Friday, I better write a FNL post today”, and then it goes to, “Oh, it’s suppertime, I better get on that post”, to, “I’m soo tired, I’ll do it tomorrow”, and finally, “Oops, it’s Monday…. I might as well wait until Friday rolls around again”. IT’S A VICIOUS CYCLE!

But finally, I’ve broken it….kind of. This post will show up as Saturday, but JUST KNOW that I started it on Friday, lol. I tried.

– I went out for St. Patty’s Day last night. Good lord. I think I might have to do a whole separate post on that….I’m on the downstairs computer, and the pictures are on the upstairs computer. Yes, that is Uninteresting Fact #7373, haha.

– I don’t get hangovers. That is a lucky thing passed on by my father (is it genetic?)… mother, however, gets terrible hangovers. So only time will tell which side my sister will follow. Today I was really tired and kind of headache-y, but nothing too crazy. I dunno, I don’t know what a legit hangover feels like, but I think they’re supposed to be worse than that….lol.

– My friend came over today, and we rehashed last night. Am I the only one who finds reliving a night almost as fun as living it? My drunken shenanigans just make me laugh. I’ll get more into it in my aforementioned separate post, but just know: I’m kind of a kleptomanic asshole when I’m drunk. Yeah, just let that sink in.

– I love Jersey Shore. I don’t care what anyone says, I am a fan. I like living vicariously through people still making drunken stupid decisions 🙂

– Noah is 3 months old tomorrow! Holy hell. I will be posting a “3 month” post along with pictures. Is it weird that I totally look forward to when he turns a certain month, so that I can take pictures of him with a sign picture? lol..

– We had a meeting with Early Intervention on Monday. Nothing really to report, but the woman noticed that Noah’s left eye doesn’t quite keep up with the right eye at times, especially when he’s tired. Sigh. I hope he’ll grow out of it, but it sucks that there’s yet another thing that we may have to deal with later.

– No word yet on his hip dysplacia treatment. We have a meeting with occupational therapy and physiotherapy on Tuesday, so I’m hoping that they’ll have something new to share.

– I’d like to wish my lovely friend Mrs. B a big “GOOD LUCK” on Tuesday. Her daughter is having surgery. My thoughts are with you, K! 🙂 ❤

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3 thoughts on “Friday Night Leftovers (Week 4 – kind of)

  1. 1. Thanks for the shoutout! I’ll take all the love I can get for her on Tuesday.

    2. Hangovers get worse with age. I never got hangovers when I was your age, either. Wait a decade, lol.

    3. Good luck with all things Noah. I hate OT and PT, but I play along because I know that ultimately, they have Ny’s best interest at heart.

  2. I didn’t get hangovers until I was 29, for real. Then i was like oh this is what people are talking about. Enjoy the hangoverless time while you can because it really does make drinking less fun

  3. I didn’t get hangovers until I was well into my University years (I suppose my liver decided to start protesting in hopes that I’d stop abusing it). When I stopped drinking very often (about four years ago) hangovers got so much worse.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Noah’s eyes. My brother had that and had to have a little day surgery but you’d never know it now.

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