Happy 3 months, Noah!

Noah is now three months old!

This month:

– Noah is 13lbs, and 24.5 inches long.

– Noah LOVES his swing

– Noah was babysat by someone other than family 😮

– His grasp and upper body tone has improved! 😀

– He is likely going to get double diapered instead of splints or casts for his hip dysplasia  (but that’s still uncertain). Yay!

– The OT/PT noted that he has made progress since last month 🙂

– He’s still not rolling, but he’s close when he gets mad.

– He hasn’t started crib training yet, but we’ll be starting it really soon. Attempt #1 at him just hanging out in his crib while I was cleaning his room kind of failed….but I think he was just in a bad mood to begin with.

– His left eye is kind of slow in following his right eye. Apparently babies aren’t 100% in tune yet though, so it’s just something to observe, but not worry about yet.

My favorite things:

– The little cooing sounds he makes. (“Ahgooo”, “Mahhhh”, “Uhhhh”)

– The time between when he first wakes up and when he starts crying…..he smiles at me, stretches, more smiles, shows off his chubbiness, etc. It’s soo cute!

– If he’s fussing for me, Caleb will pick him up and Noah will calm right down. He loves his daddy 🙂

– When we have nurse visits, he’ll look at me talking instead of them sometimes.

– That he’s such a good sleeper! He’ll go to bed between 10:30 pm – midnight, and wake up between 6 – 9 am.

This is Noah on his 3 month birthday:

🙂 ❤


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