Love For Nyana!

My friend Karen and I met back in April, when we first found out we were pregnant and joined the December 2010 birth club on BabyCenter.

Her daughter, Nyana Rose, decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH, and she made her way into the world on September 20th, 2010, at 27 weeks gestation.

Diagnosed with cystic lung disease, Nyana’s been in the NICU ever since, and TODAY, Nyana is having surgery to get a g-tube (feeding tube) put in, so that she can worry about breathing and healing her lungs without having to worry about eating. This surgery will put her even closer to finally seeing her walking papers, and personally I cannot wait until I read the words, “She’s home”. In fact, I just teared up thinking about it.

At 11:30 this morning (BC time), Nyana gets her surgery. So I hope that today, your thoughts and prayers will be with her!

I know mine will!

Thank you!

Nyana ❤


♥ Olivia, Caleb, and Noah ♥


To read more about Nyana’s journey, click here. 🙂


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