Before I Was A Mom…

I actually wanted to write a post like this for awhile, but my friend D beat me to it 😛

Here are 10 things that I thought that I’d never do as a mom, or things I didn’t expect….

1. Co-sleeping. I totally never thought that I’d co-sleep. I thought that it would be 3 months in the bassinette, then BAM in the crib. I don’t co-sleep every night or all night, but I do it occasionally. And here we are 3 months old and just starting to crib train..

2. Breastfeeding difficulties. I expected SOME difficulties, but I assumed that by month 1 we’d be in the clear. Honestly, I’m at the point of giving up. The kid just eats WAY too much.

3. Meds for breastfeeding. I had no idea they even existed until I wanted to take them. I also never thought that pumping would be for anything else but getting a freezer supply.

4. “Mom-tired”. I thought that I’d be able to handle little sleep well. I underestimated the level of tired I would be, however. I call it, “mom-tired”. It’s NOTHING like when you go out to the bar and come home at 4 am. Some days it feels like I never went to bed at all. And the funny thing is, Noah is a good sleeper. I probably would have gone off the deep end by now if he was colicky.

5. How many friends would drop off the face of the Earth. It makes me kind of sad, but at the same time, it’s a good thing. Those people were obviously not my real friends anyway. Plus I’ve made better, new friends.

6. How long it’s taken me to love that little face. Maybe naively, I expected a bit of a Kodak/Hallmark moment when Noah was born. I expected to cry. Nope. I was too worried about him not breathing to cry about it. Then later, after his drama settled and we got used to being at home with him, I wondered how long it would take me to feel that deep connection to him. It’s still coming. I love him, but I don’t think I feel that “in love” feeling that mothers are supposed to feel. My PPD may play a part in that, but we’re working on it.

7. How little I get accomplished. The days run away from me far too often.

8. My body. Oh lordy, lordy. I didn’t think that my body could get any worse…..turns out stretch marks are not “cute”, lol.

9. How I could run even more late than normal. It used to be that I could usually get somewhere 5 minutes early. Now 10 minutes late is considered “on time” for me. I’m terrible at managing my time efficiently.

And finally….

10. How awesome mom groups are. With my new identity, I need new friends with the same identity, so I turned to mom groups. I quite enjoy them….although sometimes I feel incredibly awkward when I meet women who I think would make good mom-friends….it’s like I’m dating again 😛



5 thoughts on “Before I Was A Mom…

  1. “Love”-What you are feeling, is totally normal! We all expect it to be an ingrained thing. I remember after my first was born, feeling the same thing. Chris did too. He justified it by saying, ” I know I love her, I just don’t know THAT kind of love yet.” It is something you ‘learn’ along the way, and then one day it just hits you- I LOVE this child! Your core burns when you say that word, and you just can’t imagine life without your beautiful baby. I still look at Ava, now 4 and a half, and think, “I can’t believe you are MINE!” This kind of love takes time, Olivia, you will find it!
    “Friends”- Yep, that happens. Then when THEY decide to have kids, they come crawling back for advice and friendship when THEIRS disappear!
    “Late”- Wait till he’s 3-4 and wants to change his outfits a billion times, after you have already given him the 5 minute warning for time to go! It’s like an unwritten toddler rule. You will never be on time, AGAIN!!! MWA HA HA! BUT, who cares, you’re a mom, and people understand.

  2. I especially love the “stretchmarks aren’t cute” line. I was surprised that my stretchmarks didn’t show up until about two weeks post-partum. Except the stretchmarks on my boobs. Those showed up around 13 weeks.

  3. Olivia, I know what you mean by the friends thing. It isn’t even the fact that they have abandoned me (although some have) but it is more the fact I have nothing in common with them. It is hard to keep a conversation with a friend who says “I slept with this boy and now he isn’t calling me back” when all you wanna say is “my baby kicked today!!”. Frankly, I no longer care about their failed hookups. I care about my family and my little peanut.

    I am so so glad you have this blog. It almost prepares me. With the both of us being the same age and in the same stage in life, I can see where our similarities will increase. Just wanted to thank you for making me aware of what I should be prepared for 🙂

    • I know right?! It’s quite difficult to remain friends with people who are still going out every weekend and making bad decisions, lol.

      For the record, I love talking about all things baby 😛

      And you are welcome, I’m glad that this blog is helping you 🙂

  4. totally agree that it’s like dating again! im having some calgary WB moms come here to visit on wednesday and im so nervous!

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