Friday Night Leftovers (Week 5)

“It’s Friday, Friday, Friday, yeahhh”……FML.

– Noah is 13 weeks old. He is 14 lbs!

– Noah rolled over today!!! I had him on the floor, and he was super close to rolling, so I ran into the other room to grab my phone in anticipation….and of course, when I came back (5 seconds later), he was on his back! I can’t wait until he does it so that I can catch him on film, lol.

– He’s been such a smiley-pants and has really starting “talking” lately. It’s great. And I notice that I’ve become more involved with him now that he’s interacting with me more. Before, he was just a boring blob (just being honest!). A cute, boring blob, though.

– I’ve been seeing a therapist for the last few weeks for my postpartum depression. She told me yesterday that my depression is “complex”….I have a combination of postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and grief. The last two are basically from Noah’s birth and how everything didn’t happen the way it’s supposed to. Honestly, I’m not surprised.  So now we have to work through everything and see how much of my depression is because of which problem (does that make sense? It’d be like, 75% PTSD, 15% grief, 10% PPD, for example…..although it won’t be that specific, lol). Plus she’s talking with the child psychiatrist that they have on staff and hooking me up with the adult team, to see what I should be doing….I think that she’s leaning towards meds. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I want to be happy again, but at the same time, I don’t want the meds to be a first resort, and I don’t want to be a robot. We’ll see how things go.

– I’m starting a work out plan. It’s actually been sitting in my drafts since Wednesday….once I get around to taking “before” shots of myself and doing my measurements, I’ll back-date it and post it. So watch out for that!

– I went out for games night tonight. Now I’m home and I feel like shit. Was it the 2 glasses of wine? brownie? pineapple? coming down with something? All I know is I feel bleeehhh-y. I had a Tum….I reaaally hope that helps.

[Editor’s Note: It occured to me that maybe it’s my period. This would actually make sense. I got sniffley out of nowhere (I always get a cold with my period), and I don’t really remember what cramps feel like, but I think I’m having them. Fml. If it is my period, this will be the worst one I’ve ever had.]

– While driving home, I felt totally B.A. because I successfully pointed out a ghostcar to myself….hehehe.

– Aaaand for those who may be wondering, Nyana is doing awesome. Her surgery got pushed from Tuesday to Thursday (booo!!), but she’s recovering well! If you’d like to hear the full low-down, here’s the post her mother wrote about the surgery.

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