The BEST Support!

I toyed with the idea of writing this, but I decided that I will.


Dear Winter Babies mamas,

You are ALL the! You are the best friends that I may never meet and my free therapists. I love all of you and am deeply emotionally invested in your lives.

Also, I like to FB stalk you. Just sayin’. 😛

You are the most amazing group of women EVER, and I am so lucky to have found you all. You are all so kind, supportive, non-judging, and honest. I have no idea where I’d be without you.

T, we hope you come back someday. We’re all still here for you, even if you don’t think we are. Good luck.

And thank you, Winter Babies mamas, for being awesome.

Sincerely yours,



7 thoughts on “The BEST Support!

  1. Dear Olivia,

    Love you too!!!! You are so positive even with everything you have been going through and dealing with. I am privileged to have met you (if only virtually for now) because YOU ROCK!


    P.S. I will admit to FB stalking you as well! 😉

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