Friday Night Leftovers (Week 6)

– Noah is 14 weeks old!

– I was going through all of the videos on my phone. There were a lot that were a waste of space, and quite of few that brought back lots of memories. Like my continuous attempts at catching my pregnant belly move on camera. Or when I recorded a dramatic fight between my neighbors that I could hear from my window. Or drunk Caleb. And little Noah! It’s so funny seeing how little he was, because I guess I never realized how much he’s grown! And it’s also surreal to see videos of him in his hospital tackle and in his “coma-like state”. Also cool because I caught his first yawn and first opening of his eyes once his meds started wearing off.

– I may be picking up a side job in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed!), so my sister is staying over until tomorrow to try and get a feel of how Noah works. I’m not going to lie, I am soooooo nervous about it. Especially because she can’t drive to take him to the hospital or anything, if need be.

– I am shedding like craaaazy lately. I read about it, of course, but somehow I thought that I’d be immune to the apparently inevitable post-natal shedding. Booo.

– My nails are disastrous. I need nail implants or something. Or maybe I should just wear mittens all the time so I don’t bite them.

– I am going to a scavenger hunt tonight. I am veeery excited. I haven’t done one in years!

– I hate April Fools…..but here’s some Noah!:

Smiles!! (March 31, 2011)

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