Happy 4 months, Noah!

Ok, so I’m seriously slacking here. He turned 4 months old 5 days ago. Sigh.

This month:

– Noah is 15 lbs, 7 oz and 26″ long. That puts him in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th for height!

– He is even smiley-er (is that even a word?) than ever!

– I just love how much he’s starting to interact with us.

– He’s basically sleeping through the night, and has 2 – 3 naps during the day.

– Early Intervention told us that he is behind in his head control. She got me all paranoid because she talked about how if he doesn’t get his head control down, he won’t be able to start solids, won’t be able to sit up……it got me quite upset, but unfortunately it’s what I have to deal with. However, he’s got 1 – 2 months before I’ll be even thinking about starting solids with him, so I’m trying not to be too worried quite yet.

– He has a viral infection. I waiting 2 hours in the waiting room for them to send me home. Sigh. One good thing that came out of it was that I met a woman in the waiting room whose baby has HIE too, and even has the same doctors as we have (in Edmonton and in Grande Prairie)! His name is Percy and he is 4 weeks old…..unfortunately, I didn’t even get her name or anything, which makes me sad. I put the word out to Early Intervention and Healthy Families (both of which she mentioned being referred to), so I’m hoping that somehow I can get into contact with her again. It’s so rare meeting someone that’s going through the same thing, so I’m really kicking myself for not getting her number or anything. 😦

– He doesn’t like tummy time that much…..instead of trying to raise his head all the way up, he instead goes to the side and tries to roll over……lol.

– OT/PT says that we’re apparently not doing anything about his hip dysplasia now. Which is good, I suppose, but a follow-up X-ray would make me feel better about it.

– We’re heading to Edmonton on June 3rd for a follow-up with the Edmonton pediatrician.

– Last month I mentioned that his right eye was slower than his left…..I’m pretty sure that’s resolved itself now….yay!

Noah likes:

– Mama fake jumping him. OMG, he absolutely LOVES it. I have to be careful about it because of his hip issues, but I jump him in my lap and make sure that his knees bend completely. He GIGGLES so much when I do it. I’m looking forward to getting him a Jolly Jumper once he’s a bit bigger.

– snuggles with Daddy.

– being held the majority of the time.

Noah dislikes:

– his swing. He’s started being really “meh” about it. He’d much rather sit in my lap, which is kind of annoying since it impedes my attempts at getting things done.

– being kept up too late. He’s finally starting to go to bed earlier (closer to 10 rather than midnight!), and if we don’t put him down when he’s tired he just gets cranky…..but as soon as we put him down and shut the door to his room, he passes right out and is a happy little camper again.

– being naked. I have a weird baby, lol.

Things to work on:

Right now our main things are that he’s not grabbing yet, and he doesn’t have a lot of muscle control. But really, if you think about it, he’s guaranteed to be 2 weeks behind. He was basically in a coma those first two weeks, and he didn’t have any tummy time at all to strengthen those muscles of his. He’s gotten a lot better, but we definitely have a long way to go. It makes me nervous, but I’m trying to stay positive.

This is Noah, 4 months old:

He didn’t smile for me this time, but I’ll cut him a break because he was sick, haha. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy 4 months, Noah!

  1. Aw, sweetie, I fret about milestones, too. I’m still waiting for giggles, and tummy time = flat as a board, always. Not even an attempt to lift her head on her tummy. It’s hard, and it’s frustrating and it’s scary sometimes, too, but hey. Them’s the cards we were dealt, and you make do. He’ll come around, and if not, you’ll deal with that too.

    So awesome to hear that he’s interacting more and more with you guys. That’s huge! And I’m willing to bet that other woman is kicking herself for not getting your info too. 😉

    • I mentioned her specifically on here in the slim hopes that someone knows her…..apparently she’s friends with some photographers in town, but my random creeps through their friends didn’t help anything. It’d be cool if there was a random, “Hey, that’s So-And-So!” haha.

  2. Milestones are hard to measure as people generally measure the beginning not the end timing of them…granted little Noah has so much more to deal with than other babies but the accomplishments he has already made are huge!! Keiran refuses to roll over – gets stuck on his side! I hope you find that lady – i am sure it shouldn’t be too hard! having someone who is going through the same thing as you in the same town would be such a great support!! 🙂

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