“Hoppy” Easter!

Today is Noah’s first Easter! 🙂

The Easter Bunny brought him a stuffed lamb and some very manly purple bunny ears.

"Oooo, presents!"

One cute little bunny!

I like you, Peaches.

We’re going out to my parents’ tonight for supper, and from what I’ve heard, apparently the Easter Bunny left something for him there, too! 😛


3 thoughts on ““Hoppy” Easter!

  1. I have just found your blog … and after reading Noah’s story I laid down my head on my desk and bawled; first with sorrow that he got HIE and you had to lay there waiting for him to leave you, then with joy that he lived and can giggle. The picture of him wearing the ears is adorable and he LOOKS at you through the camera! I will pray that he continually recovers and heals completely one day. After all, the newborn brain is capable of amazing regeneration. Also, I believe in miracles. I would like to see more of them for Noah. What a cute little guy!

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