Friday Night Leftovers!

– Last week we had a meeting with someone almost every day. It sucked. I am so bad at cleaning my house, and people continually coming over means that I’m stressed out about at least cleaning the kitchen/living room/bathroom to the “somewhat clean” point so we don’t look like a bunch of howler monkeys. Thankfully, this week has been super boring in that respect.

– A couple posts ago I talked about Noah’s head control and how Early Intervention think that he is behind. I’m convinced that he was having an “off” day. Just check out this picture from yesterday (April 28)!

Raising his head.....LIKE A BOSS!

This is during a solid TWO minutes (I swear!) of him raising his head completely up and looking side to side. And me scrambling to get my phone before he put his head down. Seriously! I have a little champ here!

– More “milestone” news…..Noah FINALLY grabbed his toy! He did it one time, but I’m confident he’ll do it more often now 🙂

Grabbing his toy....LIKE A BOSS!

This was on Wednesday (April 27). It’s blurry, but that’s because I panicked and tried to take the pictures too fast, lol.

– I mentioned a couple posts ago about a woman I met in a waiting room who also has an HIE baby……WELL, my Healthy Families worker called me yesterday and told me that she is meeting with her on Monday! So she’s going to give her my number!! YAY!

– This morning was terrible. Noah woke up at 4 am (BOO), so I was feeding him, and he decides to throw up all over me. Then, as I was closing his door after putting him in his crib, I stepped on one of my heels that happened to be hanging out in the hallway, heel-up (yeah, I have no idea why it was there either). OH DEAR LORD that hurt so bad. It broke skin!

– I also have “super awesome” today news! I recently entered a “Mom’s Home Cooking” contest through the local country radio station, where you had to post your recipe on their FB page. Yesterday, I got a call from them, and it turns out that I was a top 10 finalist in the contest! So I had to listen to the radio this morning to see if I was a top 2 finalist…….and I am!!!

Next Friday I have to bring in my dish to the radio station for judging, and whomever wins gets a bunch of prizes, including tickets to the annual country music festival that I’ve wanted to go to for YEARS, but have never been able to afford it.

I WANT TO WIN SO BAD! I’m nervous though, the other woman’s “Rum Ribs” sound delightful! But my recipe has bacon and perogies….who doesn’t like bacon and perogies?! 😀

– I already wrote a post about this, but NYANA IS HOME!!!!! 😀 I am sooo unbelievably happy for them!

– I remembered how much I love this song! (Sorry, I couldn’t find a good video for it. 😦 )


– Today was the Royal Wedding! Thoughts? Did you watch? I PVR’d it, and watched it this morning.

* I LOVED Kate Middleton’s dress! It made me tear up when I saw it (why? good question).

She's just SO gorgeous!

* I loved Beatrice’s hat. I know, I’m totally alone here, but I thought was fantastic. She was obviously trying to stand out in the sea of hats, and she totally succeeded! It was very Gaga-esque. And I love me some Gaga!

* For some reason it makes me laugh that Prince William is balding already.

* I think it’s interesting that bridesmaids in Britain are more likely to be the youngest members of the families, rather than the bride’s friends like here in North America.

* I think William and Kate are so sweet. And I love that they met in university…..she’s not just some little girl sitting around hoping a handsome prince would come and sweep her off her feet, she actually went out and got a degree first. Props to her.



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One thought on “Friday Night Leftovers!

  1. I thought the wedding was wonderful. I DVRed it as well and fast forwarded through to the good parts, but I just loved it. Despite the fact they are royalty, they just seemed so real.

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