Friday Night Leftovers!

Sigh. I am terrible at blogging. So much has happened that I haven’t even commented on yet! The election, Mother’s Day……gahh. I’ll try and get my posts up this weekend.

– I won a “Mom’s Home Cookin'” contest last week and I won tons of swag. YAY. I also got asked to teach a cooking class! (those who know me, feel free to “wtf”, lol)

– Slightly TMI, but I haven’t gotten my period yet….still (19 weeks PP!!). It makes me paranoid, although logically I know I’m not pregnant.

– Noah’s head control is still not great. Sigh. I’m hoping that by the time he is 6 months, it’ll be on track.

– We scored a free Bumbo and tray today!! YAY! (Thanks, Amanda!….if you read this 😛 )

– I went out on Wednesday and won “Name That Tune” for my friend’s team at the bar. I felt proud. I called it within the first 5 seconds, lol. It was this song:

Not only is Mariana’s Trench one of my favorite bands, they are Canadian, and they were my first bar concert when I was 18……they were amazing, and I want them to come back! Give their YouTube channel a listen, I promise that you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

– Speaking of Wednesday, I had so much fun being out. Yay adult time!

– We had a month’s free programming on our cable, and now I’m sad because it ran out and we don’t have my favorite stations, lol. Boo.

– I found a decent photographer who will do full day coverage for our wedding for $800. I like!

– I had a walk at the park with my mom group this morning, during which Noah was incredibly fussy, and then I couldn’t figure out how to collapse the stroller so I had to call Caleb to tell me how after trying to figure it out for over 10 minutes….lol. I am such a dumbass 😛

– Noah has not napped properly in a week. Non-napping makes Noah cranky, which makes his mom cranky.

– My mom has really started pushing for me to get meds for my PPD and PTSD. I’m not even sure that I actually need them, and here she is telling me that I need to get them……..pressure that I don’t need, thanks.

– My sister is graduating on May 27….HOLY CRAP. I am so not looking forward to the ceremony, there will be too many kids that I really don’t want to see, lol.

That is all! Stay tuned for my thoughts on the election, Mother’s Day, and my weight loss battle update!

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One thought on “Friday Night Leftovers!

  1. Of course, the song/ video is blocked for us. Boooo… I’ll have to find another version and check it out.

    Your photographer’s price sounds awesome. I’m sure it’s a huge relief to find someone!

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