Breast Milk: Free For Those Who Need It!

Watch this video!

This story was on CTV tonight, and it makes me sick. She is PATHETIC, and I cannot believe that she is saying that she is “helping women in need”. NO, you are getting money for a service.

This makes me so incredibly angry. I got help with my breast milk search via “Eats on Feets” (now “Human Milk 4 Human Babies – Alberta“), a milk SHARING service that has a page in pretty much every region across North America (and many places overseas) [obviously the linked one is for Alberta, specifically].

There you can find tons of women willing to give you their precious breast milk FOR FREE out of the goodness of their hearts. THEY are “helping women in need”. I thank God for those women that sent me milk when I was trying to build up my supply….and I didn’t pay a cent for the hundreds of ounces I received!

That is the way it is supposed to be! The woman in the story is profiting off others’ misfortune. I wasn’t medically able to exclusively breast feed, and dozens of women came to my rescue. I’m hoping that with my next baby I’ll be able to breast feed, and if I do, I will be giving back through “Human Milk 4 Human Babies” and helping women just like myself, NOT profiting off of others’ inability to produce breast milk for their babies!

She is so unbelievably selfish. I cannot believe that the news networks even gave her the time of day. She does not deserve her 15 minutes of fame.

For shiggles, here’s a re-post of our Global TV story about looking for breast milk donations!


Catch Up: “Happy 5 Months, Noah!”

This month:

– Noah is 17.1 pounds, 28″ long and has a head circumference of 44 cm. That puts him in the 75th percentile in weight and head circumference, and >97th percentile for height!

– He is rolling from front to back (still), but he has yet to roll from back to front. He’s trying, though!

– His head control is still lacking, so there are no solids in sight.

– He got a Bumbo! He can’t sit up in it yet (his head flops backwards), so I put it in the corner of the couch and then put the nursing pillow behind him so it’s supportive.

Bumbo love!


Noah likes:

– being held. OMG has he ever turned into a mom/dad-suck! He loves to be held, walked around, and rocked. I blame his daddy for that one 😛

– his Daddy. Caleb is his bestie for life, I swear.


Noah dislikes:

– being left in a room by himself (even if I’m just around the corner)…..sigh.

– lying on his back, he seems to over-stretch and freak out much more often now.

– when his daddy cheers for the Canucks 😛 . He seems to always be in that “almost-asleep” phase during a game, and when Caleb exclaims in glee at a goal/win, he always jolts awake and then pulls out the pouty lip and starts crying. It’s too adorable.


Things to work on:

Oh, head control. The bane of my existence. Also, still not really grabbing things consistently. He does grab his dog toy from time to time, which is awesome, but I wish he’d bat at things like he’s supposed to. Sigh.


This is Noah, at 5 months old:

Catch Up: “My First Mother’s Day”

Ok, I have been suuuuper behind in my blogging. Mostly because I couldn’t find the camera cord for a few weeks…sigh. So here we are! “Catch Up Post #1”!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day was Sunday May 8, 2011.

It was actually a pretty good day, Noah made me breakfast in bed…..a homemade Egg McMuffin! He even went to McDonald’s and bought the wrapper to put on them! Haha. 😛

Then Caleb made me a card dictated by Noah…..

And then later that afternoon, we piled into the truck and went to my parents’ for a lovely mother’s day kabob-feast. Yummy!

"Hi there."

"Do you like my snazzy hat?"

"How about my glasses?"

All tuckered out in the truck.