Happy 6 Months, Noah!

All I have to say about this is: STOP GROWING.

Here’s how much he’s grown!

Newborn (December 19, 2010)...

....10 days old (December 29, 2010)....

.....a month old (January 23, 2011)....

....2 months old (February 19, 2011)....

....3 months old (March 19, 2011)....

...4 months old (April 19, 2011)....

....5 months old (May 19, 2010)....

…..and now 6 pictures for “6 months old”!

This month:

– He is 17 lbs 15 oz, and 24″ long…..yeah, he “shrunk” (haha). I’m working on buying a tape measure since the one I had bit the dust, and the nurse’s tape measure is obviously not right. His head circumference is 44″.

– We had an appointment with his pediatrician in Edmonton, and we got the go-ahead for solids so that’s a big “first” for this month! 🙂


Noah likes:

– his Daddy

– baths

– looking at things

– staying up late


Noah dislikes:

– going to bed at a regular time

– his stroller

– the Snugli

– hot weather

– Mom getting anything accomplished

– being left in a room by himself

– tummy time because he thinks we’re trying to make him sleep

– his Bumbo, because it’s not tall enough so his head flops back. We’re working on it.


Things to work on:

– As usual, head control and hand-eye coordination, although he is getting A LOT better lately!!



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