Trip To Edmonton: June 2 – 3, 2011

We traveled to Edmonton at the beginning of June for our first pediatrician appointment with Dr. Lyle McGonigle. I had done some Googling before we left, and found great reviews on, he had a 4.8/5.0! So I was very confident that we had the right guy on our team.

(At this point, it’s pretty much enough people for a hockey team!)

We left GP around 11 on June 2nd, and we finally got to Edmonton at around 7:30 (thanks to a couple of HOUR LONG feeding sessions…..GRR). We got settled into the hotel, fed the boy, ordered some pizza, and Noah finally went down at about 9:30 after not napping at all the entire day. We finally bought a playpen before we left, so he slept in that quite comfortably.

On June 3rd (appointment day), Noah woke up at around 7:30 (which I think was mostly due to us, up and packing up the room at 7). Fed. Got him out. We went downstairs for some breakfast (which wasn’t bad! Breaky sausages and hard boiled eggs……much better than the usu cereal and muffins, although they had those too). Our hotel was right off Whyte Ave (the major street in the city, for those that don’t know), and was only about 10 minutes from the pediatrician’s office (sweet)!

So we got there on time, and we waited for an hour (I had to fill out some paperwork in the meantime….they asked for Caleb and I’s education level, which I think is kind of odd but whatever lol. They asked for the list of “agencies and medical professions involved in the care of this child”, and I had a laugh because I had to write down the sides of the paper under the main column since there’s quite the list, haha) until a nurse took us into intake. We had to tell her the whole long list of all of his birth issues, treatments, etc since his birth. It was kind of annoying because Caleb kept interrupting me….I had gone through the spiel a trillion other times, I have it down by now! Then she weighed and measured him (17 lbs 8 oz, 26″ long, 43.5 cm head circ) before leaving us back in our exam room.

Finally we saw the doctor and he called Noah a “frickin’ miracle”, hahaha (first time I haven’t hated when someone called him a miracle, lol!). He said that he was thriving, and most exciting of all, WE GOT THE GO-AHEAD FOR SOLIDS!!! 😀 I was super excited because I was told that we had to wait until his head control was down (so I wasn’t expecting to start until at least 7 months), and when I told him that our occupational therapist had told us to wait for head control, he said “bullshit, start him now!”. Love him. He also said that there are no issues with Noah’s hips 😀 . But he said that as he gets bigger, his legs may tighten up (he gestured them into a froggy position, like they were for his first month or so). I thought that was kind of weird, because he had already been there and we had loosened them up…..I probably should have voiced my confusion aloud, but alas I did not. Oh well. And unfortunately, cerebral palsy is a possibility…..we already knew that, but hearing it aloud made me sad. Sigh. We can only hope for the best at this point.

So then we were sent on our way. We have another appt in September, but until then, yet again the ever-present “wait and see”.

We left the city at around 11, and got home to SNOW (BOO) at shortly after 6.

Noah was ok in the car, but he barely napped and I’m sure the car seat was super uncomfortable for him, since it only has a thin piece of styrofoam for cushioning. We’ll be getting a big 3-in-1 car seat in time for our next big trip in September.

So about 15.5 hours of driving/travel + about $200 we don’t have (plus gas, but that’s on a gas card) = a total of 1 hour of waiting, half an hour of intake, and about 20 minutes of doctor. Sigh, the things we do for our babies!

Here’s some random pictures of the trip!

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3 thoughts on “Trip To Edmonton: June 2 – 3, 2011

  1. Some great photos. He’s so handsome. Love the ‘fortress of solitude’, lol.

    I hear you on the CP worry. We seem to be mostly clear of that now but man did that hang over me for so long. Have faith that you and your ‘frickin miracle’ (please don’t hit me, lol) are going to thrive no matter what. Big hugs to all of you. ❤

  2. Just watched the Noah James Hiebert Part I and Part II with a friend and told her the condensed version of Noah’s story. I have watched it a million times (I made it… I stared at it non stop for like two days!) and I still get all chocked up, it takes me right back to those days in Edmonton. When the future scares you remember for one second, those 3 days of waiting for his last breath… The thought of him surviving was a only a wish and a prayer… He is still here, doing so many of the things he was never suppose to do. He can hear your voice, and see you face, and smile and coo… He is just getting started. The fear of not knowing what the future holds is very real, but don’t let fear rob you of the miracle you witness every day in Noah’s perfect smile… Your little family has been through the worst – it doesn’t get harder than what you survived – Whatever the future holds you will not only survive, but continue to defy all odds and thrive!

  3. The force of LIFE is so great because it comes from our heavenly Creator JEHOVAH & it shows how resilient a newborn really is – and your little Noah baby is absolutely the most beautiful baby I’ve seen in a long time. He’s just precious beyond words. And may Jehovah bless you Olivia & Caleb for keeping him & giving him his right to life! He’s such an adorable little munchkin! Makes you want to grab him & squish him. He’s just a true little pudding. If I was there I’d like to babysit him whenever possible. Love, Your 2nd Cousin, Joy (Gerbrandt) From

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