Development Updates!

I started this post a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d post it as a bit of a catch-up as to how Noah is developing.

Head control. At three months, it wasn’t a huge deal that he couldn’t hold his head up 100%, 4 months, sure, 5 months, ok we’re having issues…..but Noah is now 6 months (almost 7 months) old. We still have to support his head since he has a tendency to flop forward or back, although it’s gotten way better in the last few weeks.

Sitting. He should be sitting soon and he isn’t even close. He just flops over or sandwich-boards. That pesky head control is really inhibiting his ability to sit, I think.

Walking. As some of you may know, he has “mild hip dysplasia” that was diagnosed when he was about a month old. They suggested casts, then our OT said splints, then a month later, double diapering, then another month later, “his hips are fine”. I asked our pediatrician here, and he said to double diaper him for 4 weeks (this was about a month ago). I asked our pediatrician in Edmonton, and he said that double diapering wouldn’t do anything at this point, and that his hips are fine (that was about a week after the other appointment). When we fake-walk him, he curls his toes down, and his feet in. His OT says that his legs may stiffen up like this: \/ (vs like this: ||) as he gets older. Honestly, this breaks my heart. I don’t want him to have issues walking on top of everything else, but at this point we have no idea if his brain will even be able translate “walk” to his body. He also doesn’t kick his legs that often, although he will push against our bodies if he’s in our laps.

Hand-eye coordination. At this point, he should be a grabbing, reaching, and chewing machine. He’s not. He barely does anything with his hands, and they’re still in a fist most of the time. That means that BLW is off the table for us. So there’s yet another thing that’s off my list of things that I wanted for him. However, lately his hands have started to open up more often, and he’s starting to bring them more to center. He also likes to grab my hand and move the bottle in or out of his mouth, or move the cloth that’s under his chin away from himself. Those are good signs!

Rolling. We’ve started putting him on his tummy to sleep, so it’s almost like he’s forgotten how to roll, and now he just gets pissed off if we put him on his tummy when he’s not tired or sleeping. Along with that, he’s also apparently forgotten how to push himself up with his arms. So crawling is no where in sight, and at this point I’m honestly not even sure if he will be able to crawl at all. He doesn’t do back to front at all, but I think he’s trying…..I bathed him in the big tub for the first time yesterday and he used that opportunity to try to roll. I was scared that he was going to drown himself.

Vocalization. He’s still cooing and “ahh-ing”, but I think that it’s gotten a bit more frequent lately.

Bumbo skillz. Notice the pillows. He likes to fling himself backwards if they're not there.

Cuteness. He’s damn cute, I’ll give him that. Even when he doesn’t go to bed on time.


3 thoughts on “Development Updates!

  1. Mr Baby, you are a handsome devil, to be sure. Just keep practising with him (yeah, I know. Tell me to shove it) and it will come in his own time. I’m sick of hearing it, but we’re on our baby’s time now, unfortunately. Love.

  2. He is coming along at his pace…I have seen some photos of his head pulling up and that is great.

    Also, those Bumbo’s scare the heck out of me – I position my little man against his playpen, or the couch..he has a tendency to arch out of it.

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