“I’ll help you break the walls down…” – For Noah.


6 thoughts on ““I’ll help you break the walls down…” – For Noah.

  1. Dear Noah,
    Never did I think someone so small could have such a huge impact on the world. With every smile you defy the odds, push back the boundaries, and show the whole world how to look at things with fresh perspective. The moments I have spent holding you in my arms, have been the most powerful, change evoking moments in my life. Thank-you Noah for sticking around. Maybe it would have been easier for you to leave us, but you showed us the strength and the will to live that is inside each one of us. I remember putting my hand on your tiny head, and whispering to you: “please be strong little man, and get better so Mommy and Daddy can take you home.” It was moments later the doctors said that for all intents and purposes you were allready gone. They were wrong, you were there all along, silently fighting so very hard. You have shown me the world through fresh eyes, for this I thank you.
    Love You Always – Auntie Olivia

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