Happy 9 months, Noah!

Noah is now 9 months. Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

This last month was quite exciting!

Since we did the ABM treatments in Sherwood Park about a month ago (August 22 – 26, post about that coming soon!), he has improved IMMENSELY. His head control is coming along swimmingly, and lately when we hold him like Superman, his head is inline like it’s supposed to and his body feels a lot stronger and straighter, vs before when his spine would just curve and he’d flop. That’s changed dramatically just in the last week or so! When we were in Sherwood Park, he held his head up properly for a full FOUR minutes, and we couldn’t believe it. Just today he was having tummy time and he can hold his head up for around TEN minutes or more! He’s also gotten a lot better at tummy time in general, he doesn’t freak out after 30 seconds like he used to.

"I am baby, hear me roar!" (September 19)

He’s gotten a lot more consistent in his front to back rolling as well, and he rolled in his crib for the first time on September 7th! He still hasn’t rolled back to front, but he so wants to! Yesterday (September 19) he kind of did it….I was getting him out of his crib, so I rolled him from his front (where he sleeps) to his back, and I glanced away for a second and when I looked back he was on his front again….but I had left him at a bit of an incline (he wasn’t quite on his side, but he wasn’t flat on his back….not -> I  ; but like this -> __/ ) so I’m not counting it yet! But I think he’ll do it for reals soon…. 😀

Trying to roll....like a boss! (September 11)

We also had a visit to Edmonton last week (September 12) to see his pediatrician and have our first appointment at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Clinic. Both appointments went well, and look for a separate post about that visit, coming soon!

He’s still very vocal, although he is not forming any definite words yet. He says, “ah-goooo”, “goooo”, “ahhh” (like a sigh), and sometimes it sounds like he says “hiii” or “hello” back to me, but I’m sure I’m just hearing things, haha.

He still likes people waaay more than he likes toys…except for a Fisher Price fish bowl that we bought him at Babies R’ Us, it’s the only toy he’ll actually look up and pay attention to! He is a really social baby, he likes to look around and take in what’s going on around him, and he’s always quick to throw you a smile 🙂 He responds when I say, “Noah, smilies!” in a high pitched (annoying, haha) voice, and rewards me with big smiles almost every time!

We like him. I think we'll keep him. (September 18)

He laughed for the first time in months the other day. We were at our friend’s house watching the “Baby Noah” episode of Baby Einstein, and he was facing away from me when I heard a sound like he was going to cry, but my friend said that he had a smile the whole time 🙂 That’s only the second time he has laughed, so I was pretty happy about that!

We also got a Jumperoo for him finally, and it’s kind of “meh” right now, but I’m hoping that as his head control gets better, he’ll enjoy it more. Currently we have to put a couple pillows around him so he doesn’t bang his head and it keeps him in place (basically). He’s started flexing his legs a little while in it, so maybe in a month or so he’ll finally get that crazy “jump” thing 😉

Maiden voyage of the Jumperoo (August 29).

He’s still sleeping about 12 hours (whoop whoop), generally from 9:30 – 9:30/10:00, and then usually only one nap around 1:30 – 3:30. But he’s teething (there’s a little point poking through!) so he’s started waking up once or twice during the night, but it’s mysteriously always around the same time (between midnight and 1 am), so I’m not sure.

It's kind of hard to see, but on the right corner there's a little poke of a tooth saying hello! (September 19)

I’ve made a real effort to be better at solids, and I’ve been doing pretty good the last few days. He’s been having a Minigo yogurt and some oat cereal & cinnamon for breakfast, and then some sort of variety of either sweet potatoe & chicken, butternut squash, or green beans for supper. All jarred because I fail miserably at making his food, which I’m kind of disappointed about, but it’s just not happening right now. He HATES the green beans (haha), but he likes everything else. I also have some avocado in the fridge that hopefully hasn’t gone bad…..I’m making a grilled avocado and cheese sandwich for lunch tomorrow so I think I’ll try and give him some avocado and see how he does with it 🙂 He’s just doing 2 solids meals per day for now…I tried to give him 3 the other day and he just ended up not eating it and it wasn’t a good time for either of us.

"Mmmm.....Minigo, oat cereal and cinnamon for breakfast!"

I got a bunch of baby stuff from my aunt and it included a nice high chair…convenient, because we didn’t have one yet! 😉 But for some reason the strap was missing so I need to figure out where to get a 5-pt harness from since the lap belt wouldn’t work for us at all. Since he’s almost out of his bucket seat, I’m tempted to try and use the harness from that, actually….and I think he’ll like the high chair more than the TumbleForm, the harness on that is just so awkward and doesn’t keep him contained very well at all.

He is 18.5 pounds (he FINALLY gained half a pound after 3 months!!), about 28″ long, and his head circumference is about 44.5 cm. His growth has slowed down immensely, he’s in the 10th – 25th percentile for weight and 50th for height. His head growth is staying on the 50th – 75th curve 🙂

I think that’s all for updates! I can’t believe he’s 9 months old already…I need to figure out what he’s going to be for Halloween (eek!) and then start stressing about his first birthday party pretty soon too. I can already tell that’s going to be a hassle, I have about 15 adults and 5 kids on my “raw” list, and my mother has decided that it’s a personal vendetta against her when I asked if there could be a separate family celebration. SIGH. It’s just going to be so difficult fitting all those people in the house at once, I had about 15 at my baby shower and that was pretty squishy. The party isn’t going to be anything crazy or outlandish, but the inevitable space problem is already giving me a headache. Our little condo is just not built for a lot of people to be in here at once! And of course his birthday is conveniently in the winter time so it’s not like I could do a picnic BBQ outside or anything like that. All you summer-birthday people have it so easy, lol!

Here’s Noah, officially 2/3 of a year old….

And a bonus picture!

We were going to a playdate, and I thought it was colder than it actually was so I overdressed him a bit....but he looks so damn cute! haha. (September 19)


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