Blast From the Past! (Random)

Back when I was in junior high, a little ol’ website called “Nexopia” was all the rage with the kids in my school. You had to be 14 to join it at the time, and I remember waiting until June to join (I turned 14 in February) so that my friend wouldn’t think I was copying her. I also didn’t have internet access so that helped too. 😛

Then I started Grade 10 and MySpace was all the rage, so I went on there instead of doing my CommTech work and I thought I was soooo badass because I had gotten my braces off recently and I finally got my contacts so these older boys were starting to notice me. And they turned out to be assholes. 15-year-old-Me thought that I was living in a teen rom-com, I think. The one guy was on the football team so I thought I would be like all the teen movies, where I’d go to all his games and whatnot, and that he’d be automatically popular, as would I if we dated. However, the leading lady usually doesn’t live out of town or not have her license or parents that would go and pick her up from places. 😛 And like previously stated, he turned out to be an asshole. Thank God I never ended up doing anything with him, I would have hated it if he was my first anything…..he was even more of an asshole than my first boyfriend, and that’s sayin’ something! LOL.

I went on a youth program called “Encounters With Canada” in April of Grade 10, and that’s when I was introduced to Facebook. I didn’t visit my Nexopia (or “Nex”) for a long time after that. I’d go on every so often, but I was continually getting messages from creepers, and once I turned 18 it got worse. You can “search” for people in any area, of a certain sex and a certain age if you so choose, and it seems like 18 was the “low end” for the 30+ year olds that liked to creep on young girls. Ickk. Eventually I stopped using it all together. Everyone was on Facebook anyway, and Nexopia was now super lame and boring anyway.

So today I decided to visit my ol’ Nexopia. I updated it in July of 2010 (don’t remember that lol), but that’s about it. Some of that stuff has been on there for years. I spent HOURS finding the perfect picture, gif, whatever, to cover my page. Although at the time I was a virgin and had not even been kissed yet, at 16 I started covering my page with photos of a more sexual nature. All the girls in my class were doing it, so why would I have pictures of cute kittehs (which I had done when I first joined) instead of sexy people doing sexy things? Haha.

I don’t have my password anymore and I deleted the email address it was connected to, so now I can only see my page as an outside observer. And now, you can too!


I know that this will be boring for….everyone. 😛

You’re welcome.


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