“Treatments For Noah” – Charity Fundraiser

There have been big things going on around here and I am very pleased to share with you some very big news.

Two of my aunts have generously decided to send us a $5000 cheque to cover the costs of getting Noah 40 hours (2 months) worth of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). So Noah and I are moving to Edmonton temporarily for the two months that we need to be there for the HBOT.

Nicole McCoy and Kerith Boyles, two close friends of mine, decided to start a fundraising campaign to help us with the costs of the treatments (we were also wanting to pursue more ABM while we are there) as well as living costs, etc.

They have decided to have a charity auction, where all of the proceeds will come to us. The date and duration is TBA but if you are interested in finding out more information or participating, please visit the fundraiser Facebook page or blog.

We currently have 16 sponsors, but we are looking for more! If you have something you would like to donate to the auction (a product or service), please email us at: tfn_fundraiser@live.ca . We keep an updated list of sponsors here.

A PayPal account has been set up as well, where you can give a monetary donation (we’re still working out a few kinks, so that is also TBA).

Please “like” and share our Facebook page, and it doesn’t matter where you live because many of our auction items are available to be shipped across North America. 🙂


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