Updates – January 2012

Ok, so since I suck so hard at blogging, many of you may be casually wondering what’s going on with us. Well do I have news for you! Here’s some updates:

– Noah is 13 months old. Waaah. He was 20 lbs with clothes and a wet diaper on, and 29″ long at his 12 month shots. He is officially in size 4 diapers, and he wears around a 12 month size, although in pants he is 6 months. He wears size 4 shoes.

– He has two bottom teef and a top one just broke through over the past 3 days, but it’s still in the gum line. As a result he has been a drooly pants, but overall he seems to be taking it pretty well. He’s about the same, developmentally. Nothing much to report there, although his head and neck control seems to be getting better every day, and his trunk seems to be getting stronger too.

– Noah and I are currently living in Edmonton. We moved in on December 30, and we are here until February 29. I can’t believe it’s been a month already.

– Our apartment is right downtown, has a stellar view and underground, heated parking. I love it in many ways and not so much in others.

– It feels like the Apocalypse up in here. Three weeks ago the elevator was trapping people inside (yes, seriously). Two weeks ago, the fire alarm went off and we all stood in the lobby for almost hour, only to find that it was a false alarm. Last week, there was a leak/flood somewhere on the second floor that damaged the walls and floor and even leaked down into the parking garage and somehow also managed to damage the elevator, causing it to be out of service for over a week now. I have not realized how spoiled I am by the lack of stairs at home, lol.

– Also, has anyone noticed how expensive groceries are? Yuck. I’ve been upping Noah’s homo milk consumption simply because formula is so freaking expensive. Currently we’re at 180 ml of formula and 60 ml of homo in each bottle. He’s taking about 3 9 oz (240 ml) bottles a day, and he’s eating 3 solid meals a day, on average. And also because he obviously needs to be weaned off formula anyway, lol.

– We are on HBOT treatment #19/40. I have yet to see any improvement. This is very discouraging, even though I have been keeping my expectations very low. But I suppose we can say we tried, even if we are case #2 in the 16 years that Mr Ward’s been running the HBOT stuff that doesn’t have any change. 😦 However, we’re only half done so maybe there is still hope.

– I hate having to pay for parking at the hospital when we’re already paying for the HBOT. Surprisingly, it’s cheaper to pay per day than it would be to get a pass, although I am not even sure if anyone checks the passes anyway. I always buy a 1 hour pass at around 12:45, our HBOT session starts at 1, and then we’re not usually in the car until 2:15 or so. I just really don’t want to pay that extra $1.75 for another half an hour, lol. So far I haven’t gotten a ticket, so that’s good haha.

– We did a ‘5 day intensive session’ (#3) of ABM at the beginning of January, and we are starting #4 tomorrow. We are seeing differences there, which is very encouraging. I can only hope that our practitioner will stick around so that we can continue to use her services for the long term. Heaven forbid if she decides to move! lol.

– I finally bit the bullet and bought a Wii off Kijiji. It came with Wii Fit, which is surprisingly fun. I love it.

– My BlackBerry finally died on me, randomly restarting itself and now only works if it’s plugged in, which is super useful when I’m here by myself without a home phone, and driving all over the place in a strange city, in winter. Thanks, BB.

– But on the plus side, I got a shiny brand new iPhone 4S to replace it! I honestly never expected to be an iZombie, but do you know what? The iPhone kicks BB’s ass. Hardcore. Even just the FB app is 100000X better. RIM needs to step up if it even hopes to save its company.

– Yes I have discovered Angry Birds. I try not to play it too much, though, because I already use up so much time on useless things.

– I found a great website to get music off YouTube. As far as I know it’s not buggy at all, which is a huge plus. Check it out here.

– I recently discovered a YouTube channel called, “My Drunk Kitchen” and I want to marry it. You’re welcome.

– Also, my new love is www.whitewhine.com, haha.

– Weather is weird. It had been “October weather” (+5 or so) for awhile, then a random burst of -30, then back to a balmy -3. Thanks global warming! 😀

– Caleb and I won an engagement photo shoot….woot!

– Next weekend Noah and I are headed to Calgary for a meet up with some of his baby friends from his birth group!! I am SO excited!

– That day will be a shitshow, we’re going to have to get up at 5:30 am, leave at 6:30 am to be in Calgary for 10:00 am. I’m assuming 3 hours or so there, then back to Edmonton by supper. My parents are in the city and are staying over, so we’ll meet them for supper and then they are going to watch Noah (and by “watch”, I mean, “hang out while he sleeps”, lol) so that I can go out for Nicole’s birthday! I’m hoping things go fairly smoothly and that the weather/roads aren’t too bad.

– My 21st birthday is in two weeks! I am excited! Caleb is coming up and he’ll be watching Noah for me. We also have our engagement shoot that day.

– My sister is so dumb. My mother said that she apparently doesn’t believe that I’m turning 21. She does not understand math or simple logic, I guess. Oy.

– Caleb took me and Noah to Olive Garden on Saturday. It was my first time! It was lovely, and the wait wasn’t too bad. Noah was great, didn’t even fuss until the very end.

That’s all I can think of right now, so here’s the beautiful photo dump! Caleb forgot to bring the Mac again this weekend, which has all of Noah’s birthday pictures on it, so for now I only have pictures from December 29 – present 🙂

Shots from the computer/iPhone:

"Last night is still a blur"

Noah with an apple moustache!

Good morning, Sunshine!

Skype date 😛

Family date at Olive Garden ❤


2011 in Review – WordPress

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Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 17,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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