Workin’ On His Baby Skills!

The last few days have been quite exciting for us in terms of what Noah is doing or at least trying to do.

– The biggest news is that Noah GIGGLED for the first time this past Sunday, the 25th! It was amazing!

I was giving him a bath, and lately I’ve been focused more on actually playing with him rather than just “wash – you’re done”. Maybe a little late to the game, but hey it is what it is.

So I have been doing things like putting him on his tummy and holding his chest up so that he doesn’t drown (lol)….he likes drinking the water bahahaha. Or putting him on his back without his ramp thing so that I can move his hands around and let him explore a little more. I also “splash” with his hands or sit him up, sing to him, etc.

He was on his back, when he moved his head to the side and got a mouthful of water and it covered a nostril. I immediately sat him up and patted his back so that he wouldn’t choke on the water, and he did a little cough and then he started GIGGLING away, for a solid 30 seconds!! Apparently he really likes water on his face now! It also makes him smile when I giggle at him, now. So cute!

– Later that day, he was putting his hand in his mouth. He does that occasionally, but it’s nice to see 🙂

– He’s really really trying to roll. He’s getting the pelvic raise and moving his leg and arm together but it’s still that pesky momentum that he needs to get himself over!

– This was him yesterday:

Look at him trying to crawl!

– He seems to be getting closer to actually saying some words. Every day we seem to be getting more “Did you just say ___?” . Things like “Noah”, “No”, “Mum”, “Dah”, etc. Or we could just be imagining it. lol.

He is 15 months old now, about 28 3/4″ long, 19 lbs 11 oz and his head circumference is 45.5 cm. This means that he is apparently under the 5th percentile for height and weight, and in the 50th for head. He is a small boy! And of course now that I look at the numbers I am worried, but his pediatrician says that he’s fine so I probably shouldn’t, haha.

Noah and his daddy ❤

I recently ordered this really cool pillow called a "Hugga Bebe". It's kind of like a seashell, it goes between their legs and then is Velcro'd on their sides. It's for their exersaucer, Jumperoo, shopping carts, etc, basically as extra support so their heads aren't all floppy. We love it! 🙂


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