World Cerebral Palsy Day


In honor of World Cerebral Palsy day, which was…um….yesterday (I suck at blogging), I present to you,

    14 Reasons Why Having A Child With Severe CP Can Be Kind Of Awesome:

1) You don’t have to worry about him climbing out of the crib.

2) He won’t run away from you at the store.

3) He won’t yell embarrassing things while you are in public.

4) When he is little, people always assume that he is tired and won’t bug you (for the most part).

5) It’s always interesting when someone puts 2 and 4 together and asks you if your child has CP…because they usually have a child or close relative with CP as well.

6) A lot of the equipment out there can be pretty cool.

7) You can clean without him coming behind you and making a mess again.

8) You can sort of control the amount of food that doesn’t go in his mouth…he is strapped in and doesn’t have full use of his hands to push away…. Spoon Of Food – 1, Baby – 0, Mess – Minimal.

9) He can’t get out of bed to wake you up.

10) You find a strange sense of community with other special needs parents, and can easily relate to them even if their child doesn’t have CP.

11) He doesn’t get sick because he doesn’t put things in his mouth.

12) Every milestone means more and you don’t take his abilities for granted.

13) Every smile, laugh, or giggle lights up the room and brightens a day.

14) You wake up every morning and know that he is lucky to be alive to share that day with you.




4 thoughts on “World Cerebral Palsy Day

    • That’s just a theory that occurred to me a few weeks ago.

      Noah can’t handle a lot of noise and activity, so we don’t go to playgrounds, pools, etc. When we go go to people’s houses he doesn’t gum up toys or play with anything. He doesn’t go to daycare. He can’t sit up in the grocery cart so he doesn’t get contact with the ickies that’s in the seat part….etc.

      And sure enough, he’s only had like 2 or 3 mild colds, his most recent was a few months ago, and before that was when he was only 4 months old. Whereas the other WBs seem to get sick all the time lol. So either he inherited my immune system (I only ever get mild colds and things like strep throat), is a super baby, or my theory is correct. LOL. 🙂

  1. #12 & 13 have alway’s been my fave.
    I’m Carrie mom to The Mighty Quinn (3yrs old with mild Spastic Dipleasia, lower part of the body mostly). I love your post, thank you for sharing. Your son is gorgeous. We live in Alberta a remote country town so not allot of relating to other parents. Thanx again for this post it came on a day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and it helped to “bring me back” to being greatful. I am truley blessed to have my boy Quinn he is my hart that now walks outside of me. He reminds me and shows me what’s “right” with the world.

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