I’m sort of productive, sometimes.

Yesterday I:

– went through all of Noah’s clothes and put away all of the stuff he is too big for. It filled up a large Rubbermaid and half of a diaper box. This kid has TOO many clothes.

– finally emptied his hamper of clean clothes, thereby filling up his drawers yet again. Although it’s significantly less frustrating because I HAVE A SYSTEM and I don’t have to try and dig for something for him to wear.

– went through all of MY clothes and got rid of….. TWO. GINORMOUS. GARBAGE BAGS’ WORTH. The amount of clothing that I was holding onto for no reason (see: shirts that have my high school team on them) and/or didn’t fit me anymore and will probably never fit me again (see: skinny jeans in a size NINE that I wore before I was pregnant, that I could barely squeeze into anyway) OR just truly juvenile clothing that I’ve had since I was 16….was INSANE. I couldn’t believe it.

– finally emptied all of MY laundry baskets and put away my clean clothes. I basically never put my clean laundry away, so this was a GOLD STAR day for me.

– gave away the two giant bags of clothes and some body wash I am never going to use. Facebook groups are freaking amazing for giving away or selling things.

– went to a Tupperware party. It made me feel very…..mom-ish. Lol.

Today I:

– sold all of the shoes that I no longer fit. I had ELEVEN pairs of size 10 shoes chilling out in my closet for 2.5 years now, during pregnancy my feet grew to an 11 and never went back. So handing over a giant bag of shoes that have been taking up so much room was AWESOME.

– sold a pair of snowpants that have been hanging out in my closet for 3 years (that no longer fit me), the tags were still attached, for pete’s sake.

– took Noah to his Early Intervention playgroup, where he proceeded to cry for most of the 1.5 hours we were there. Trying to keep him entertained (i.e. bouncing him in the air, bouncing him on my knee, etc) left me ready for a nap by the time we came home. Oy.

– did some much needed grocery shopping while Noah was at his grandparents’. Where he proceeded to cry and cut our shopping trip short.

– finally bought Noah a new snowsuit, boots, and mitties. Today was SO COLD and I felt bad taking him outside in just a fleece jacket and a toque!

– realized that I can’t help who I’m related to but I have to come to terms with the fact that some of them are batshit crazy.


To end on that RANDOM note, here’s a video of Noah!

This is from Monday, while traveling home from his pediatrician appointment in Edmonton:


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