February 2013


3 thoughts on “February 2013

  1. Your pictures are beautiful, Noah is a cutie. I may be wrong but it appears as if you are searching for something to make you whole again.

    It is difficult to raise a special needs child and twenty years ago, I would feel as you do. But today I don’t because I did raise a special needs child. My son struggles and is filled with anger but he is doing okay.

    I don’t know the extent of Noah’s challenges, however, it is not a forgone conclusion that all is doomed, unless you don’t getting help you need. Do it soon! These early years are so very important to Noah’s development and his identity as an adult.

    Have you thought about a support group?

    • Hi Angela, thanks for your comment.

      I struggle with severe depression and PTSD, mostly stemming from Noah’s birth. I have several support groups online, and I have recently started seeing a therapist after some really irritating and frustrating roadblocks.

      If you haven’t looked around my blog much, Noah has severe cerebral palsy and will likely be in a wheelchair for the entirety of his life. He can’t self-feed, use his hands, or do anything independently (sit up, walk, crawl, etc). He is also non-verbal and communicates mainly through body language and differing tone and pitch when he cries.

      I am still working on reaching the acceptance stage of the grief cycle, and we’re in the process of accessing more services for Noah (including respite) that will hopefully make our lives a little easier.

      • You are welcome! You have a difficult road ahead. My heart goes out to you and your family.

        Now that I have a better understanding of Noah’s diagnosis, again all is not doomed. Doctors don’t know everything and with the right services he may learn to do more than you ever expected. ( I am an Internist – primary care doc, retired)

        Whenever, I am depressed I withdraw but eventually i return to society. What usually helps me are friends, exercise and vitamins…and books.
        I think writing is also therapeutic.

        You are too young to let life pass you by…look for the silver linings any time you are at a low point. There is always something good to learn.

        I hope I don’t sound as if I know it all. I don’t…I can only share my experience and knowledge.

        Good Luck!

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