Ermahgerd, Monkey Bars!

Two days ago, I managed to do 6 monkey bars in a row! I cried!

This is HUGE for me, I haven’t been able to do monkey bars since I was 10 or so years old!

And yesterday I did the full set of dips (assisted with 85lb counterweight) without stopping! (But I still needed to stop for pullups haha)



PS if you don’t watch BroScienceLife videos on YouTube….YOU NEED TO START. Best channel of all time.


Thoughts on my new lifting program

I have been busy gearing up for the final few weeks before the race season officially begins for me (16K road race on May 10th, 13+K OCR on May 16th, 21K road race on May 23rd!) slash being lazy and not going to the gym.

I started a new lifting program called the Shortcut to Shred on recommendation from a woman in a fitness group I’m in on Facebook, after she posted a 12w before/after picture where she went from a little chubby to friggin 6 pack abs. I don’t expect that to happen to me, but hey even a nudge in the right direction would be good….I wrote on my last post that I lost 2 inches from my stomach, but it’s still holding a lot of fat and a lot of inches as compared to the rest of my body so I need to work on that.

I am well aware that you can’t spot reduce, so I’ve been really trying to focus on my diet and keeping within my calories. I tried to do macros for a little while (like a week? lol) but it was just way too complicated for me and got too reminiscent of my previous struggles with obsessive eating. I very very loosely follow them now, pretty much doing the exact same thing that I did from the beginning of 2014…..aim for high protein, moderate fat, and low carb. But really it’s pretty much, limit dairy (I only eat cheese, ranch with my raw veggies, and butter in my cooking, basically), and limit grains (I try to only eat grains at supper). Most of my (non-plant-based) carbs are eaten at night because after 7 is when I do most of my snacking. I have dessert every night as well, but I may need to cut it down or go back to eating protein bars for dessert 😦 I like protein bars but I’ve been in a big baking kick lately and that stuff is just so much better, haha. I made a strawberry crisp the other day that was amaaazing 😀

Anyway. Back to Shortcut to Shred. I don’t like it as much as I liked Simply Shredded….just because of the way it’s organized. I think that in a home gym it would be great but being at the gym and it telling me to jump from exercise to exercise, it’s really not conducive to that type of environment, or at least the way my gym is set up! On a couple of the days it asks you to go from a strength exercise to doing a minute on the treadmill….at my gym the weight section is across the room from the cardio section. Plus, you do it between each set of strength exercises. How dumb would I look running across the gym, running on the treadmill for a minute, then running back and repeating X4? Also, I really hate the Smith machine (it encourages bad form), and there are quite a few things you’re supposed to use it for… thanks! I adapted them a bit so I wouldn’t have to use it.

This workout makes me feel like this tool (collect all the equipment, no I’m still using it!):

With Simply Shredded, it groups the exercises based on what equipment you’re using. So there will be like 3 dumbbell exercises and then barbell squats and deadlifts, that makes sense, right? Well with Shortcut to Shred, it’s a lot more nonsensical, it mixes in dumbbell exercises and machine exercises and then barbell exercises, back to dumbbell….like, what? Also, they seem really redundant. Like one day you’re doing med grip bench press, close grip bench press, decline benchpress, incline dumbbell press…..why? There also isn’t a ton of lower body work, it’s mostly all upper body.

I don’t hate it, it just doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ve been doing run training as well so I end up just combining 2 days of the Shortcut to Shred into one, which eliminates the redundant exercises lol.

I think that once May is over and I’m back to focusing on strength training, I’ll have to find another program, or just continue to make adaptions from this one.